Tax system

Good evening, I am thinking to take the management of 7 rooms in the one island of Cyclades. I would have the chance to not pay any rental but i have to pay all the taxes of the property. Is there anyone that can tell me how does it work? how much does it cost more or less?

Thank you for your help


I didnt quite understand?,will you be taking the income from the rooms?if so then you will pay tax on that and you will be deemed to be a business and and pay business rates plus your Ika contributions and for any staff you employ,they want next years tax this year,why would you pay ENFIA,property tax if you are only managing the business?as I said I didnt get what you meant quite but you may be walking into a mine field of trouble.Do you know the cost of the property tax?you aught to know.The property tax which is ENFIA is changing fairly soon and will be called another name,with the new name comes a new price and thats.. quite a lot,tax will be charged on farm land,is what I have read,farmer demonstrations are on the menu.You should be extremely careful what your doing and what you sign yourself into,lots of bad people out there just waiting for a poorly informed person to come along.

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