Accidents and emergencies in Greece

Updated 2023-05-07 12:25

When traveling to Greece, it's important to know the emergency contact numbers in case of an accident or emergency. This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of emergency numbers in Greece and give you practical advice on what to do in case of a traffic accident or if you require urgent medical care. Knowing what to do in an emergency can make all the difference, so read on to be prepared.

Emergency contact numbers in Greece

If you need to contact emergency services in Greece, simply dial 112, which is also the European emergency number. The operator who answers will ask you to provide details about the emergency, such as what has happened and whether anyone is injured. It's important to also give them your location, although they will be able to locate you to some extent. The operator will then either direct your call to the appropriate emergency service or provide them with the necessary information. Rest assured that the call operators in Greece speak English, so language won't be a barrier when you're calling for help.

Greece's emergency numbers are listed below:

  • Emergency number: 112
  • Ambulance service (EKAB): 166
  • Fire Service: 199
  • Police: 100
  • Coast Guard: 108
  • Traffic police: 10400
  • National Child Protection Helpline: 1056

What types of accidents and emergencies are common in Greece?

Traffic accidents are a significant cause of accidents and emergencies in Greece. Although the country has experienced a 38% decrease in road accident fatalities since 2012, injuries from accidents have only decreased by 13%. Therefore, it's important to be aware of what to do in case you come across a traffic incident in Greece. National road safety data for Greece is available here.

Small/minor road accidents

In the case of small or minor accidents, you should move over to a safe place when possible and call the traffic police at 1033 for Athens. Exchange personal and insurance information with the other parties involved, check on the welfare of your passengers, and alert oncoming traffic when safe to do so.

Serious traffic accidents

For serious traffic accidents, help and support the individuals involved, call the police, and stay in a safe area near the accident scene. Don't interfere with any vehicles or evidence and follow the emergency services' instructions.

Good to know:

It's essential to have international health insurance when traveling to Greece or using a car in the country. If you experience a breakdown or require roadside assistance, many car hire services provide their own dedicated assistance and recovery services. You can also contact Express Service at 1154 (24-hour line) for breakdown assistance throughout Greece.

If you find yourself in a non-emergency situation in traffic, such as a breakdown, but you require roadside assistance in the form of mechanical help or recovery, many car hire services provide their own dedicated assistance and recovery services. Likewise, Express Service provides breakdown assistance all over Greece.

Useful contact:

Express Service

Tel: 1154 (24hr line)


Going to an accident and emergency department in Greece

If you require urgent medical care during your stay in Greece, you should call 112 and explain your condition. Otherwise, if you are able to, you can go to the A&E department of your nearest hospital. Make sure to bring some form of identification, i.e., passport, residence permit or ID, and EHIC card.

You will then be asked by the on-call doctors what ailment/symptoms you have so they can direct you to the relevant department to be assessed.  

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