I am 61 and will be moving to Greece early next year.  I am hoping someone can advise me on roughly how much it might be per month for a private healthcare package? Not your top of the range cover but, more the average kind of cover. This will help me to allocate the required amount into my budget,

Many thanks.


@Mish P

I will be doing exactly the same in Greece in the coming months - happy to share my findings once this is done


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It will be good to hear from you.  Many thanks Philip.

@PhilIpZ20201 I'd be interested in your findings also.

Hello everyone,

Please note that you can request free quotes from our partners to get an idea : health insurance in Greece

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@Mish P It depends on what package you want,the full monty,which might mean..pick up and transferred by ambulance,flown somewhere with a medical person,if you are on an island it might mean helicopter.You may want only surgery and hospital/clinic/surgery paid for,only emergency.Im just about to pay 180 for an endoscopy examination by my private doctor in the Navy hospital in central Athens and will soon have a colonoscopy to check the bowel for anything untoward,this is a must every 3 or 4 years to be safe and catch any possible cancerous polyps,that will cost maybe now 250,the prices have all gone up.Private insurance companies are getting a bit more questioning if you make a claim,they ask specifically how long have you had this condition/problem,you and your doctor surgeon must be very careful not to say if you have had the problem for some years perhaps because they say..oh you insure yourself now to fix your on-going health issue...,you and your doctor must say on the form that its recent,like just a few months otherwise they may reject your claim.Claims need careful handling,your doctor will know these things.My husband will enter a private clinic in Athens tomorrow for a Miscuss op on his knee,just one night in,the other to be done after six months on private insurance,a very good private surgeon who operated both my bunions some years back,the after care here is superb and you will never get a septic wound after surgery because they see you all the time afterwards."Generali" is what we claim on through my husbands job.Any navy or army doctors or were will be exellent medical people to see or any using army/navy facilities.


Many thanks for your swift reply - really appreciate your kind information.  I have heard good things for Generali and think I will choose them for my cover when I need to. Generally, I think it may be around £250 per month judging from something I read yesterday.  it is good to get a rough idea.


@Mish P Hi, I have such a cover, as you indicate. The monthly cost is euro 133.-- If you like, I can recommend a reliable agent whom I know five years already.

Hi Mish

im looking to relocate to Greece this year. I would be really grateful if you could give me the details of your agent