Good dermatologist in Greece recommendation

Hi everyone,
I have severe facial skin problem from the last 3 years due to hormone problem and I have spent so much to cure it yet it was not efficient.
I locate now in Greece and in Paros. I'm looking for "good" dermatologists in Greece or anywhere close by Paros to visit coz I don't wanna spend for nothing no result.
Any recommendation or any good dermatologist you know please kindly help me by recommending.

Thanks a lot.

It's a really big ask to find a good derm anywhere. In Paros, I seriously doubt you will find anyone that knows what they're doing, but that is just my experience. Even in big cities there are so many people that market themselves as doctors but really are just beauticians and nothing more.

I have tried 6 derms in Greece for skin inflammation and hyperpigmentation after facial trauma. Most didn't even examine me just tried to get money for nothing. Others put me on pointless treatments that waste time and money. Maybe you know this story?

But I just visited Dr. Sotiris Theoxaris in Athens and of all the specialist derms I'v tried in Greece, he is so far the best. His website is in Greek, but I know he speaks English and maybe German.

He also has many laser options, but he does not seem gung-ho and with me he suggested first a course of topical and oral treatment then, then laser.

More important he actually examined me for 20 minutes - I couldn't believe it. He made a diagnosis, showing me close-up photos he took and explaining what he believes is the problem. So I am optimistic and will go back to him at least one more time. Consultation without insurance 80 EUR.

I could help you. How old are you, and have you had hormone tests? Blood or saliva tests?
Send me a picture and/or call/vibe me on **

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Hi Phoebos
1st of all thanks for your concern.
I am 25.
I never do any test relating to my skin problem.
Yeah I will contact you by whatsapp

Thanks 🙏 I will consider about it as well. My budget is low and I am aware that the consultation fee is pretty high.

Hi Aliana,

80 euro is a lot. I think in Poros or a smaller town, I would be surprised if you pay more than 40 euro. This is standard doctor consultation in Greece without IKA.

Yeah I have just visited doctor here coz of my allergic problem and it was €70. Super pricey in Paros but I am heading soon to Thessaloniki. Hope it works.