Medical Certificate

Does anyone know which diseases need to be screened for to get permanent residence in Greece? I have searched the internet high and low but have been unable to get a definitive list. I called the Consulate in Chicago but have not received a reply as of yet. Also is there a specific form to fill out and where can I get a copy. Thanks

Hi,I had a look on line and it would seem that you need a certificate from a hospital or doctor to prove that you are not carrying any dangerous contagious diseases.One site says that the form can be downloaded,the Greek embassy or consulate near you will tell you what to do.I just tapped in the question you asked and the answer was as one would expect any country to require.It says it must be translated into Greek as well.

I just wanted to add that it may be that you will also need to 'legalise' your documents for Greece.legalising means you go to a state office where you are and they stamp your documents,birth and marriage certificate etc..this is because there are so many forgeries around.I have been in the process of gaining Greek citizenship and they want my birth certificate stamp from the Legalisation office in the UK,well that was quite painless and fast.On one site it says you should go to a particular medical place for health clearance in Athens,bit confusing but as I said,the Greek consulate should be advising you on this matter.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll keep pestering the Chicago Consulate. I’ve been working on moving since the first of November and I think the Med Cert is the last hurdle. Hopefully.

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