Tourist Visa Extension, and Work Permit due to Covid-19

Hi friends,
I'm currently in Belgium and got stucked due to Covid-19 situation.
I came as tourist and I was doing volunteering for exchange of free stay and was getting some pocket money.
Now, out hostel has been closed and I cannot do anymore volunteering because of current situation, also I'm facing some financial problems, my plan was to earn money by volunteering and than traveling to Mexico for same reasons as I'm traveler from India.
Now, what should I do ? Is there any other Volunteering oppertunity exist in Belgium where I also can get some pocket money, or is there any chance to get work permit for short term due to current situation ?
Your response will be highly appreciated 🙏


Concerning Visa issues, you don't have to be scared. Everything has been put on hold.

For the rest, take contact with Red cross organization or Salvation army to get assistance.

Can you please tell me what is Red Cross and Salvation Army ? Or maybe you can paste link for that ?
Thank you,

Kind regards.

They are international organizations who can assist you.

Thank you so much dear. 🙏

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