Getting married to American female.. In the US


I'm a Saudi male looking to marry an American female. However, since I'm not 30 years old yet, according to the Saudi laws, I can't marry her. So, we have a plan and I want to know what you think about it, and whether if it is going to bring troubles or not.

I'm going to relocate to the US and find a job there and marry the girl. Then we plan to come back to Saudi and legalize our marriage when I become 30 years old. I have few concerns about our plan, and I need some advices:

1. While being married in the US, if we end up having a kid, how would our kid become Saudi? Again, our marriage isn't legalized in Saudi yet. And what happens when I go back to Saudi after some years to legalize our marriage and i already have a kid?

2. I looked in some posts in this forum at people saying getting married in the US then going back to Saudi to legalize the marriage will probably cause an investigation to happen. For my case, will I ever be in trouble?

Also, if anyone had a similar experience, I would appreciate it you private message me.
Thank you in advance for your help


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