Belgium Nationality waiting period

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Is it true that after submitting declaration to be a Belgian, and you don’t receive any letter from brussels within the 4 months waiting period. It should be considered a positive result?

Yes, about naturalization.
Unless the "Chambre des représentants" forward your file. Then another month is granted to them.

Things are a bit different about nationality declaration (which should be your case).
In that case, it takes around 5 months to have a reply from them (4 months + 1 month if the file is forwarded)

The op asked about nationality declaration.

We've done it 3 times same commune. First time we heard at 4 months and 1 day. 2nd at 4 months and 13 days, 3rd at 4 months and 15 days. 

3rd one we knew about before the letter arrived because the residence card was cancelled which was evident when using online services.


countdown of 4 months starts  the day when commune send file to Brussels. Commune have 1 month to send the file.  hence time period is 5 months (1 month commune and 4 months Brussels) but because commune doesn't keep file for a month in the most cases.
I believe in your situation this was the case that first time file was sent immediately 2nd and 3rd time were sent in 2 weeks.

I'm not thick, i know exactly why it took the time it did thanks.

when i applied nationality commune give me this document
but i dont know commune send my file in brussel or not

déclaration de nationalité belge (art12bis1)
accuse de reception
l officier de l etat civil atteste avoir recu le 14 janvier 2020 la demande de changement de nationalite (article 12bis 1) concernant

declaration of Belgian nationality (art12bis1)
acknowledgment of receipt
the registrar certifies having received on 14 January 2020 the request to change nationality (article 12bis 1) concerning

This is a kind of receipt that file is complete and received. You will get another registered post from commune once they fwd your file to BXL. There will be date mention on it when the fwd your file to BXL

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