Getting F+ card instead of F card

Hello everyone. I hope all are good. I want to describe my situation and know if there is a possibility of getting F+ card instead of F card.

So, i have been in belgium since november 2017. Currently i have 5th card A which expires on 31st October 2022. I have been married to a belgian national since June 2021. Marriage took place in Belgium. I submitted family reunion visa application in October 2021 and i was given annexe 19ter the same day with no more documents to be submitted. So its going to be 6 months in april 2022. My question is, as i have been in belgium for almost 5 years and i have been continuously working also, so does it fulfill 5 years of legal stay criteria? If yes, should i expect F+ card instead of F card in reply to my family reunion visa application? If anybody has similar experience or faced same situation or has an info about it, kindly let me know. Thank you in advance.


In November 2022, you'll have full rights to ask for a permanent resident card.
But in reality, the commune will not give it to you before the renewal of your current resident permit, unless you magically lost that card~ (don't do that in November/December 2022, it's too obvious....)

As a F card holder, you must also understand that after 3 years of legal stay in Belgium AFTER you've received that card, the immigration can't throw you away from Belgium anymore, even if you break up, unless you do a serious crime (murder, national security, ...)
In your specific case, you don't really care as you'll already reach the 5 years of legal stay.

It's just a matter of administration and a name on a resident permit, with no added value as you've already full access to the work permit as a family member of an EU.

Now let's be honest, there's no reason for you to want the F+ card, right here & now in the next coming minutes, unless you want to break up or think your couple will not last long.
And if you really really really want, then magically lose your resident permit next year!

Thank you very much for your response Alex. Just adding little bit in it, considering all this situation, may i demand nationality in december 2022?

5 years of stay is the bare minimum to technically request the start of the process.

Then it depends if you have been working for 5 years straight, did the immigration lesson to socialize to Belgian life, had French/Dutch/German A2 level, ...
There are many conditions and your Belgian partner will be able to translate it to you … ite-18-ans
Use google translate / else, then ask question if it's not clear and check the other thread on this forum talking about that ;)

Thank you very much Alex for your responses. They were indeed helpful :)

You will get F card in April 2022. If your intention is to become a citizen do not bother with F+. 

The F card will be enough provided at the moment of declaration you have 5+ years resident, integration class, language A2 or more. Your tax returns for previous years and payslips of correct year.

side note: with annexe 19ter you do not need to renew your work permit anymore. You can work without work permit.

Thank you Edigj for your response. I went through the article which Alex shared and i fulfill all conditions except something may be. Some things are tricky although, i could not work during some of the months when commune gave me annexe 15 during renewal process of card A in previous 5 years. Otherwise, the condition of working for 468 working days in previous 5 years, i fulfill that completely and already. The only thing that needs attention is, can i submit nationality declaration when i fulfill 5 years of legal residence (5 A cards(as a student)) and holding F card(since 8 months) at time of submission in Nov/Dec 2022? 

Yes i fulfill 5 years of legal and uninterrupted residence but some people say student period counts as half, i am not sure if that applies to my case or not, being holder of F card at time of application of nationality.


Yes, provided you have +468 working days in the last 5 years.  

Thank you for your response :)

5 years of stay is the bare minimum to technically request the start of the process.

Then it depends if you have been working for 5 years straight, did the immigration lesson to socialize to Belgian life, had French/Dutch/German A2 level, ...
There are many conditions and your Belgian partner will be able to translate it to you … ite-18-ans
Use google translate / else, then ask question if it's not clear and check the other thread on this forum talking about that wink.png

- @AlexFromBelgium

Hi Alex, If a person has worked on the expat contract and his social security were in foreign country for 5 years and 3months with Belgian company...In that case the stay will be counted as 5 years or  3months ... Just curious I might have similar situation in future....Can this person get the F or F+ card? or not?

Someone told be I can send him my application at round 5 months to the 5 years period. That she did send her 3 months to the 5 years period and got approved on the 4 month day. That is one month after the 5 year period.

Please does anybody know if this is true or even possible?
My husband is having f+card and he separated from his belgian partner after getting f+ card now he wants to apply for a nationality he worked here almost 9 years and is A2 language us compulsory for the nationality or we can show everything else except A2 language
@vickykaushal Don't compare F or F+ card holder with other, they're under the laws and advantage of family reunion with an EU and have way more right than other cards.
In your case, as you didn't pay the social security/full taxes for 5 years, they won't count.

@Guestnj2 no idea to be honest. I guess the process can be start around the 5 years of stay... that's a question for the commune if they accept to process it or not.

@zarminaibrar he just need to do the official test of the region to have the certificate A2 or even higher if he can.
Generally what happens with me. Before 3-4 months my card expires i got inivition from city hall when i visited. They told me i have to sign the declaration for F+ it is an mandatory process file will go immigration if approved then i will get your F+ otherwise they will just extend the Fcard again for 5 years..

And citizenship process can be started before 5 months of card  expire date.

My 5 years completed on 15 march 2021 and i appiled my citizenship on around beginning of November 2020.

Also note.. In case you do not have full 468 day working you can also add your studies diploma or something you have done in belgium also consider, just make sure the paper you have mentioned need to reflect the hours you have spend during your course..
@alex but he didn't attend any school or class as he speaks fluently but issue in writing as you know speaking is different in writing
Certificate A2 and above are all about listening/understanding, speaking & writting...
Lessons might be required depending on the level.

@AlexFromBelgium what if he apply without language certificate or anything else he provided as a proof that he understands language

then he wouldn't respect the law and the nationality will be denied.
The test is easy... A2 is not difficult at all...

@AlexFromBelgium  yes i already done that I completed my A1 and A2

Hello I have been in Belgium since 2019 and I have an F card and I want a divorce with my husband because things aren't going on well and I want to know if it would affect me of me getting an F+ card or belgian nationality in the future or being asked to leave the country
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I hope members will be able to guide you soon!

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@Guest726712 general rule is you have keep your marriage for 3 years to keep yourself in belgium if you wanna divorce.

Second point is that if you can have f+ card after the divorce. So no you will not get F or F+ card since this is for European members family only. After sometime ypu hzve apply other types card according.

So best option is to apply for citizenship if you are already in the process of divorce i suggest you to check with an attorney..

Good luck.
Hello, i would be really appreciate , if you can advise me in my situation:
i moved to Belgium in mid of December 2017, as employee in Belgium company. 17th of December i started registration process in Local gemeente. but they finished registration 6th April 2018. Since November 2017 i hold work permit till now. in November 2021 i have got card F, as a family EU member. i work have a good salary and etc.  When can i start application for citizenship? in December 2022 ( after 5 years of real stay in Belgium or in April 2023, when they registered me on my home address?) or i need first to get F+card and after that apply for citizenship?  Please advise. Thank you in advance!

@Julia Gospodinova read all the above conversation. The will answer most of your questions..

Hi everyone,

I have been in Belgium since 2017 I started with 19 than 4 months of orange card .and finally got my f card on October 2018.

1 when can I apply for F+ card.

2 I had problem with the police in the Netherlands does that count or will it affect my application?


@Meed neu once your fcard is about to expire you will apply the new card will be F+ card if you not meet the criteria for f+ they with again give you Fcard. Regarding the issue with ducth police not sure.

@Meed neu

I had the same situation, I went to city hall to ask, the lady checked and told me I could apply for F+, so she asked if she could start the file and I gave a go ahead.

As the process was ongoing my F card was about to expire, so I got a new F card and 2 months later my F+ was approved, so I had to go back and pay for my F+ plus.

Then a few months into my F+ I was eligible for nationality, went ahead and applied and got it.

About police situation in Nederland nothing to worry about, I had the same and nothing came up about it.

Best go to city hall and ask when are you eligible to apply.

Good luck.

Thank you to everyone for the response.

I was really worried about the police issue in the Netherlands.

I am glad to know that it won't effect my situation.

How long before the experation of my F card can I go to apply?

Some city halls will send you a letter. My city hall sent me a letter to go renew my card. It was 2 months before my f card expired. I don't know about other city halls.

@Kdeepak kdeepak u know ur process for the citizenship please explain ....... same here i am a doctor basically but not in belgium i am trying to gave some exams in uk for to get the  i have f card which will be expire in march 2023 and i hope i will get the equivalency diploma from begium very soon so no need of language certificate and work... i have two belgian kids and begain husband . here i want to know whats the procedure from the beginning  u did for F than F+ and citizen ship and which documents please

@Kdeepak  thanks for the info , is there an oficial website that i can check . i have been maried now for 3 years and would like to exit.


Please I have a question recently I renew my F card in within  5 days of my application I received a letter to go over to the commune to pick up my card after the application to renew my F card  I was given F+ card permanent residence for 10 years duration but I was expecting the nationality because I meet up all the requirements needed for citizenship, do I need to make an application for the nationality directly because I am due for it and have all the requirements needed

Please I need your advise


@ridewitgab Hello. Yes definitely. You need to apply for nationality. They will not grant it automatically.

@ABS25 Thank you so much for the information

@ABS25 That means I can apply for the nationality not minding my F+ that was issued to me recently..

@ridewitgab No problems at all. You could apply even same day when you received F+

@ABS25 Thanks

Hello, Does anybody knows if there is an expiration dates to the language certification? I did my A2 4 years back, not sure if  I need to do it again. Problem is  getting appointment is very hard in my commune, takes 3 months to get the appointment 😞 and I don't want to waste the time longer.

@pailajaxan there is no expiry date. I used my same certificate that I did 5 years ago to apply for F+ card. If you want you call the gemeente to ask about this.