Belgium Nationality waiting period

OK. Is there anybody in the thread who can tell by experience if they submitted the nationality application based on 5 years calculation starting from either first registration or the validation of the first residence card.

Please provide clear insight as that would be very helpful.

@vaibrasil I read somewhere that the date of first registration is considered in calculation but this info has to be rechecked. Let see if someone with similar situation can comment.

Hello its the date of your first registration in any commune in Belgium so the date of issue of your first annexe 15. Its my personal experience.


I don't have lot of information but in my case my commune (Ruisbroek) they said i can apply for my nationality in nov.2023 . I asked them that what i actually needed for this then they send me letter by writing all the information.

It includes: 5 years residence, Dutch cources level at least 1.2 , Continuous work under one boss approximately 5 years , Certificate of social integration, Original Date of birth legislation from my home country at least 6 months old and translated into dutch.

So these are conditions for my nationality. And i think its depend on each commune that how they treated with nationality .

The letter they send me with all the conditions written i have to bring with me at the time of applying nationality.

Thanks guys for all your input. I have sent an email to the city hall with the extract of my first register and see what they will say

@ARMaliq Do you already have you permanent residence card like L card?

in that case this point is no longer valid as criteria.

Your Permanent residence will be enough.


This is the information I used to submit the documents. I checked with my commune and also other people who applied for citizenship.

General requirements to qualify for the Belgian citizenship:

  • Permanent residence:

-    Unlimited right of residence in Belgium (residence card B or L).

  • Birth certificate:

Max 6 months old, apostilled as per Hague convention and translated into the official language

  • Social Integration. You can prove your social integration by one of the following means of proof and it will automatically also count as your language proof:

    a diploma or certificate of at least upper secondary education in Belgium

    having followed a vocational training of at least 400 hours

    have worked continuously as an employee or self-employed person for the past 5 years

    having successfully followed an integration process, reception process or integration course --> I submitted this but then I had to show my language and also the integration course certificates.

  • Economic integration- have worked at least 468 working days in the past 5 years; --> your Individual rekening documents

  • Payment of the fee of 150 EUR via minfin.

A small tip from my side--> the proof of payment of the fee for the citizenship application shall be downloaded from the myminfin portal.

Simple bank statement will not be accepted.

  • Passport copy - This is not asked, but better to give the copy to them

Once I filed these I was informed that it will take about 6 months for the whole process.

You will also receive a visit from the police as part of the standard procedure. (around 1-2 months after the application is submitted),

Hope this helps

Hi all, Within How many days citizen confirmation mail from Commune will be send to applicant   once "AKTE VAN BELGISCHE NATIONALITEIT" data is visible in mijndossier?

@eshwarraj09 in my case they forgot to send the invitation. I just went the next day and applied for my ID.

i would recommend to go directly if a lot of time has passed already.

I got an answer from the city that indeed the date starts counting from the first day of issuing of an ID card

@BMM996210 Yes I do. But i just wanted to be sure.

My girlfriend applied for Belgian citizenship and the 4 months waiting period will elapse in two weeks time.

But at that time she will be outside EU for work related travels.

What if it has been approved and her card gets disconnected before her arrival; will she run into problem with immigration upon arrival?


Well, actually the way it works is that you pay where your tax residency is located. Within the EU tax residency is clarly defined: where is you center of economic interest? That is, your relative, dependents, your bank account, your house, etc...

@woodcook Normally, if the validity on the card is present then she can enter without issues. Immigration doesnot check the cards by inserting into card reader to see their certificate is still active or not.


No this would not happen. I was abroad on work when my nationality was approved. So nothing to worry there.

The disconnection only happens once she goes to the city hall to apply for the new ID card.

But keep in mind the situation if she has to travel after she applies for her Belgium ID card. The city takes her permanent residence card and provides a letter, but she cannot travel outside BE with that letter.

Also already have a look on mijndossier if her application is approved. I did not get any letter but while checking online I saw my Belgian Nationality document was already visible. (in total 3.5 months after application) . I just went next day to the city hall and applied for my Belgium ID card.

@BMM996210 Thank you for the response.

@ARMaliq Thanks I think her mind is at rest now.

Hi everyone it true that after submitting declaration to be a Belgian, and you don't receive any letter from brussels within the 4 months waiting period. It should be considered a positive result?


hi, this has been discussed before in the forum, I'd recommend to go through the different posts.

In short, you are right, and wrong at the same time. Ball part is somewhere between 4 and 5 months, because the the civil registrar at your commune has 1 month to send the file to the royal prosecutor. That guy has 4 months. In theory, between 4 and 5 months. however, the prosecutor may have reached a decision and still it could take 1 or 2 additinal weeks for you to be notified. In reality most cases take between 4 and 5 months to resolve.

however, what you mention is correct. If the prosecutor does not provide a negative view on the file by the 4 month limit, the file is automatically approved.

I've reviewed this timelines in other European countries and I have to say this is quite benefitial for the applicant. Most countries to not have deadlines, and this applcations can easily take years... so any applicant in belgium I would consider them lucky. I hope this does not changes.

@Rd Devils hooray why in  brussel no police visist for nationaliteit



Well, good question, I do not know. What I do know is that this is not part of the nationality law, this is something that in most cases the region of Flanders does.

Maybe there are someone in the forum with that knowledge.

My recomendation: read the entire nationality law. It is very interesting.

If it is not part of nationality law then can they reject nationality on the basis of police report 1f914.svg

@BMM996210 hi  which city hall you apply for nationaliteit


I applied in Gent. I had my police visit after  5 weeks. They came 3 times since I was not at home.

They only checked if I could speak Flemish. (that depends on which document you submitted for Integration).

From friends from other communes who applied with me

Antwerp: My friend submitted his 5 year work exp as proof and the Police spoke to him in English :).

Brussels: you would be lucky if a Police visited you. Past 5-6 friends never had a police visit but got their nationality approved.

It is funny how in Brussels the resident permits application (or renewals) are always followed by police visits. for Nationality requests: None. LOL

@BMM996210 yes In brussel no police visit vlanderen most police visit in home with out police not accept  Decision nationaliteit

I pass Integration flemesh language  I have 1.2 level flemesh language

@Rd Devils hooray

Not sure as it maybe just due to your situation?, I only see polices several times during the stay in Brussels. But they were all due to address changes. i have lived in Ixelles, Anderlecht, and Brussels 1000 for 5 years in total. There was no single visit at all due to renewals, for me and also for my wife.


Congrats! Way to go! I can barely sneeze in Dutch! lol


yeah sure, could be. But just to give you an idea of how bizarre this practice is, all my Belgian colleagues moving from place to place also get these police visits. At the very end I've come to realize is that for the communal and mainly federal authorities is important to determine the REAL official principal residence. Remember that communes have different taxes, and there are some with 0% communal taxes. They even check for utility invoices and so on.

Sorry I deviated from the main topic, the point is that it is still hilarious.


Forgot to mention that we've lived in Uccle for over 6 years now.


hi i m butt from brussul and i have apply for belgium nationality from last 4 and half month and still i m not receive any kind of letter so now what i have to do next


have submitted nationality belgium from last 4 and half month and i didn't receive any letter in this period so what i have  to so next in this situation thanks


have submitted nationality belgium from last 4 and half month and i didn't receive any letter in this period so what i have  to so next in this situation thanks

@buttkhurram835 Normal you can wait until four months Brussel take 5 months city Hall  you can call to city Hall gemeentehuis  which gemeentehuis you apply for nationaliteit ??

I had to wait for 7 months so.. Once the 4 - 5 months window over. Try contacting you city hall once a week. They normally then check with concerned team..

@Kdeepak Normal take 4 5 6  months in 1000 brussel Decision  nationaliteit  brussel  in vlanderen 3.4 months takes nationaliteit Decision ??

@mansurdostakhel82 I would just say to keep checking on mijn dossier.

Even today my colleague from Antwerp randomly checked and saw his nationality was approved few weeks ago but the city did not contact him yet.

Hello regarding your message how do are login into my dossier? Can you help me with the link?

@ridewitgab good questions how to login mijn dossier