VOW reference requirement

I am currently trying to complete the first stage of what appears to be quite a lengthy process of applying for residency as a UK citizen to work in Belgium for about a year or whatever.

There is a requirement to provide a VOW reference in one of the forms. Please can anyone explain what that is and where I get it from in order to complete the form.

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it's the number of your file on https://visaonweb.diplomatie.be
Once you submit it, you'll get a reference, something like VOWxxxxx if I remember correctly.

You are right, Alex.

I am also in the same boat did you find an answer?


Use the link that Alex posted above. You will create an account there and complete the form and it gives u the VOW number to use at TLS

Please can someone help me here? I am applying for a Belgian study visa and on the visa application form I'm asked to provide my VOW reference. I don't know what it's all about can someone help me on this
Hi,  Vow is like a ref number once you submitted yoir application they will give you a VOW ref number to track your application

They sent six digits numbers, but when I put them  they say iit's wrong  .I need help please to complete to fill the form.

I have seen something like VOWINT258.... but when I put in, it is said to be invalid! So what is the correct fomart of the reference?

Hello, please I'm currently experience sane situation where by the system is saying invalid to my VOWINT..... Number, were you able to resolve yours?


@yamandiago Please, as the system accept your reference number?

How did you do it

@yamandiago please, have you resolve the issue and how?..

Because I'm experiencing same