Get married in belgium with type c visa


Please if anyone can help me
I am resident in the UK but my fiance who is an EU citizen (romanian) is residing in Belgium, i have schengen visa for 2 years 90/180.
We wish to get married and stay in belgium.
Will i be allowed to get married in belgium with my visa?
And also, my tourist visa expires on august 2021, what visa do i need to apply to live with him?
I am confused as ive been checking on sites, because he is an EU citizen residing on another Schengen area, is it a different type of visa?
And also if anyone can help , what are the documents i need to get married if i will be allowed?


there're already plenty of topic talking about that matter on this forum, please use the search function.

As long as you've a valid Schengen Visa and you can stay for 90d or long stay visa, you can start the marriage process in Belgium.

Bring your affidavit of celibacy with you (certificate that proof you're single/widow/divorced - civil status) and your certificate of birth (all legalized / apostile).
NOT older than 6 months (7 month maximum depending on the commune).

Within the first 8 days of your arrival in Belgium, you go with your future husband to the commune to declare your arrival (25€) and you start the marriage process.

Once you're married, depending if you want to stay in Belgium or not, you can go back to the commune to start the family reunion process and you'll get your F card +/- 6 1/2 months later. (if your husband has a job/get enough money per month, accommodation and insurances)

Thank you for responding

After getting married, do i need to apply for this F card in belgium or i have to go back to england to apply for it in belgium embassy?

You can do it from Belgium without living the country, as long as you're married within the 90d of your visa.
After you're married, you go back to the commune to request the annexe 19ter (resident permit as a family member of a Belgian/EU citizen), you'll receive your temporary id card which will allow you to stay in Belgium for the next 6 months. (time for the immigration to check your family reunion file that you'll give to the commune that they'll forward to immigration)
Note: you can ONLY stay in Belgium, not travel in EU after your 90d stay from your visa!
If you leave Europe, you must tell the commune and give strong reason (death of a parent/brother/sister) or your request for residentship will be denied as you wouldn't show any attachment to Belgium!
Let's make it clear: don't leave Belgium for the next 6 months!

So, make sure you respect the rule of the 90d maximum stay per 180d period and you can come for 90d, or must delay your marriage until you can get access to the 90d.

Im quite confused, as you said i am not able to go out of belgium for 6 months, is i will be staying there with my visa, then i will become an overstayer.
I can stay only 90 days within 180 days, so that is like 3 months only. And after that i have to get out of europe and come back here to england and wait for that 180 days to be over.

ID card / temporary ID card (= resident permit) > visa

Once you get your temporary id card (orange card), your stay in Belgium only depend on that temporary ID card, no one care about your visa anymore.
Immigration has 6 months, starting from the issue date of the annexe 19ter, to denial your Belgian ID card (Family member of a EU). (if your husband doesn't work/get enough money per month, doesn't have a correct accommodation & insurances)

You temporary permit only allow you to stay legally in Belgium and NOT to cross a border. (meaning that you can't come back in Belgium and cross the border with that temporary ID card)
If you have a 90d visa when you arrive in Belgium, you can still freely travel for the first 90 days in Europe, then you can't travel inside Schengen area anymore for the next 90 days. But you can stay in Belgium with your orange card. If you decide to leave Belgium during these 6 months process without telling the commune, your family reunion might be canceled.

Thank you for your reply

Is it possible to apply for jobs while having temporary card?

I only speak english and no background of french nor dutch

If its possible to apply for residence permit while i am in england so i can continue my work here while waiting for them to give me this card, as i do not like sitting at home and just wait

Yes you'll be allow to work once you receive your orange card (and when you receive your F card)

No. You must be in Belgium at that time, because you'll have to go 2-3 times to the commune + police visit at home to proof that you're living at the same address.
If you leave Belgium, you'll not show attachment to our country. Then the immigration will gladly denial your family reunion request.

So, no... Once you arrive in Belgium and get married, you'll have to stay +/- 6 1/2 months.

Or, you get married and you go back in England to request a the family reunion visa...... but then you won't be together (+/- 6 months)

thank you for your help.

commune in belgium are not so helpful. my fiance went there many times and they wouldnt give the requirements, they first asked for cert of no marriage, then when we have it, we brought is to commune, then they it needs to be translated, i asked her what else do we need so next time we come  it will be all prepared. they say they cant. its so annoying what system is that

Cherryblossoms1220 wrote:

thank you for your help.

commune in belgium are not so helpful. my fiance went there many times and they wouldnt give the requirements, they first asked for cert of no marriage, then when we have it, we brought is to commune, then they it needs to be translated, i asked her what else do we need so next time we come  it will be all prepared. they say they cant. its so annoying what system is that


That you find it frustrating at times is understandable. But you have to be logical too.

- First: Belgium recognizes three national languages. It's French, Flemish and German. So do not be surprised if you bring a document in another language, that you are asked to have it translated.

- Second: All the documents necessary for a wedding are clearly indicated on the Belgian official websites as well as on the websites of the embassies of your countries. … shortcut-2 … y/marriage … ex_en.htm#

- Third: All European administrations are aware that there are certain Filipino documents which are very difficult to obtain, such as the Certificate of non-impediment to marry (Legal Capacity Certificate)  or the certificate of divorce ...
https://philippines.diplomatie.belgium. … s/marriage

- Fourth: city hall employees are also human, therefore fallible.

Have a good day

thank you for your reply.
i do understand what you are saying
but they could do one thing better, at least they could have given all the list of requirements AT ONCE.
it is just a simple list , as they said every commune have their own requirements, its so ridiculous to go there many times just for them to tell you , we need this, and another day, we need this. why they couldnt say earlier?

Hi..Im Filipina residing in Netherlands as a au pair.We are  planning to get married with my fiancee before my visa expires on july 202 ..We already submitted my documents in city hall and we have an interview this March 12 2020 to proof that our marriage is not fake. Do u have an idea what they gonna ask for the interview? Do I have a big chance to pass?

graizabelle wrote:

Hi..Im Filipina residing in Netherlands as a au pair.We are  planning to get married with my fiancee before my visa expires on july 202 ..We already submitted my documents in city hall and we have an interview this March 12 2020 to proof that our marriage is not fake. Do u have an idea what they gonna ask for the interview? Do I have a big chance to pass?


You have the choice... It's not the official one but that will give you an idea...

How long have you known your spouse/partner?
Is there a kinship between you?
When and where did you first meet?
Detail the circumstances of your meeting.
Who made the marriage proposal? When?
Before this request did you communicate together? How (if evidence, consider them)
Has your spouse/partner travelled to (foreign spouse/partner country)?
How many times before the wedding? Dates and lengths of stays
How many times after the wedding?
Where did he/she stay during his visits?
Who financed his travels?
Where do you live?
Do you work?
Have you been educated?
Have you been married? Nationality of previous spouses.
If so who has applied for divorce; What's the reason?
Do you have children (first name, age)?
Have you been in contact with man, a woman in Belgium before your marriage?
Identity of your parents, brothers and sisters?
Where do they live?
Are your brothers and sisters married, do they have children?
Have you ever been to Belgium?
How many times; specify the dates?
What cities have you been to?
Where have you been accommodated?
Have you ever applied for visas; How much; When; What type?
Did you get visas? How much; When; What type?
Have you had visa refusals; How much; When; What type?
Do you have family in Belgium; Where?
Do you have friends in Belgium; Where?
Have you been the subject of a removal order from the circumstances in which this measure occurred?
What is your wife's name and first name?
How old is your spouse); date and place of birth?
Or live your husband; Address?
Does he/she live alone?
What type of accommodation?
Has he/she been married; nationality of previous spouses
If so, who has applied for divorce; What are the reasons?
Does she have children; first name, age, school, do they have their father?
Does he/she work; Detail?
Origin and amount of income?
Did he/she study?
What are your spouse's activities, hobbies?
Decline the identity of your spouse's parents, brothers and sisters; Their age Their hometown Are they married? do they have children
Does your spouse/partner have friends; decline their identity?
Are they married, do they have children?
Do they work?
How long has your husband known them?
Is your spouse under curatorship, guardianship?
Do you know what that means?
How does this manifest itself, is he/she undergoing treatment; Does he/she need a third party; sees a psychiatrist?
When have you been informed; By who?
Does your spouse/partner have any health problems? Is he/she undergoing treatment?
Wedding date?
Did your spouse contact the Consulate before your wedding?
Was there a publication of the banns at the town hall of the spouse's home in Belgium?
Has there been a visa application for marriage in Belgium?
Was your family informed of your plan to marry Mr/Madame; Since when; what was his reaction?
Was your spouse's family informed? since when, what has been his reaction
Was your family present on your wedding day?
Was your spouse's family present?
Who were your witnesses; Your wife's witnesses? (Check foreign spouse consent if girl underage or very young)
Was there a religious wedding?
Has your spouse converted to your religion?
Has there been a survey of local authorities; When did you start the process?
Were pictures of the wedding taken?
Has a party been held?
Is there an exchange of gifts; paying for a dowry If so, what it is all about Did the wife give the husband a gift?
Who paid for the expenses of the marriage
Was the marriage consummated?
When did you last meet?
Date of your last phone conversation?
Periodicity of telephone contact between spouses?
Or do you want to live; What for?
In what accommodation?
Would you like to work?
Would you like to have children?
Has your spouse/partner been looking for/found a job for you?
In which language do you communicate?
Are you considering taking French lessons?
Enter your spouse's names, first names, and date of birth.

Is it really important to mention the date of meeting cus every weekend since september we always see each other and i stayed with him during weekends my off...

yes and no.
At least you must both be able to say that you meet between xxxx month and yyyy months. You can say you don't remember exactly the date.
But it's best to be able that you're both in relationship since the dd/mm/yyyy.

What's important is that you both state the same things.......................................

ok sir thanks for ur reply...

Hello, please has anyone on this platform experience or have an idea how visa C  works ( Directive 2004/38/EC) for family reunification with an eu citizen living in Belgium?

I am Nigerian and I wish to join my husband in Belgium. We got married in Nigeria.
I just applied 9th March, is there a way I can see or search what stage the process is in?

All the information I see here is about Visa D.
I read that the process takes 15days to get a response. Could this be reliable?

I know the corona v issue will slow somethings but I need to know if the process time is reliable before the corona v....So I can start putting things in order here in preparation to go when the travel restriction will end.

Visa C (family reunification with EU citizen)
processing time, Also is there a way I can see what stage the visa process is on?


Did you have an entry visa to belgium?


Any update?
What happened to the visit?

@AlexFromBelgium i would like to ask. My fiance has a bestfriend . They are both from belgium, and his bestfriend doesn't have any job but has a girlfriend in the Philippines. I just applied for marriage visa then the girl will apply for visit visa and the sponsor will be my fiance and the purpose is to attend on our wedding as my bestfriend.And when the girl arrived in Belgium they plan to get married (bestfriend of my fiance and the girl ) The question is , Is there any problem to that? Will there be any investigations? I am afraid that they will go to my fiances house to investigate. And my fiance will be responsible in all the problems.  Thanks.

If your fiance is the sponsor, he will need a legal paper from belgium townhall that he will be supporting the “girl”, he will need to provide his belgium ID and his address. Getting married in belgium is not as easy as you think as they have their own process that takes too long, esp if you are a foreigner, providing all your documents etc, and the other point that you dont know how long is the visit visa she will get. Could be 1 month or 6months. I dont believe that will be enough time, going to Belgium and get married there on the same period. If she wants to overstay, of course thats your fiance's liability…

please i need some help with my question.. i am an EU member living and working  in Belgium. my fiancee is in Africa and i want her to visit me as a tourist or for a Schengen Visa.. so if she here with me ,can i get married to her ,immediately on her arrival so i can be with her in Belgium.. please i want to know the possibility there ..thanks

@Shawn Richard Sarfo commenting cos this is close to my situation, I work here in a tech company and I am planning same, stuck between this route or using "Visa with the purpose of marriage or cohabitation in Belgium". So if you get any help, I hope it is also beneficial to me

@Shawn Richard Sarfo

Hi there,I would advise you to invite her first to visit you for a month or two.then she goes back.and you can visit her too.this is because when applying papers for marriage approval you will be asked for proof of your relationship with her.text messages on your messenger chat,emails, photos and they will also check the duration of your relationship.then after a while you can invite her to come again but the visa will be with intention to getting married.its a complex because you will also do like an interrogation and you will be asked questions about your relationship.they just do it to make sure it's not will be asked sensitive personal questions.dont hurry to marry till you put everything inorder.otherwise you won't get approval.all the best.

Thanks  so much guys , really appreciate  the answers , now i know there is a posibility that i can marry her when she visit.

@Samuel Fanoukoe


i am currently in the process of visa to get married.  it's  possible your situation might go more faster for you, but if i am to base myself on my situation, i will highly not recommend this process. if you can get married in your country of origin then it's way better for you to do so and apply for family reunification visa d directly.

the visa  to get married is in theory a short stay visa however the processing time is as long as that of a long term (3,5-4 months on paper, yet they still exceed it) , and afterwards there is no direct permit but you then have to apply for    family reunification  I in Belgium. i chose this route thinking it will have a shorter processing time but unfortunately it had been  a very frustrating snd long process.

@BO90   yes i totally understand what you mean and i would love to go to my origin and get married snd come back but at the moment i can not go that is why u want to take that process to invite her in and then get married , and i strongly believe and pray that will work for me.. i pray bro…

@Shawn Richard Sarfo

from your surname i wsnt to assume you are from Ghana. I am also from Ghana. And i noticed the same pattern for others that i spoke to. so indeed i hope your process goes faster but i am just presentinf to you the reality i have experienced. i also advice that  particulary for the permit your fiance would get after, which is orange card and then 6 months again of waiting. also the documents neccesssry to apply for the marriage in belgium, that alone is very costly gathering all that.

if you have any question you can reach out to me in the messages.

@BO90   that will be nice if she is here and will get the orange card after applying for the marriage


waow, this is very valuable info... Thank you so so much..

@Samuel Fanoukoe

Glad it was helpful. if you have any other questions you can send me a message

Hi everyone

Is theres somebody here already done with this standard info. from  ibz?

Can i hear some advice from you guys what kinds of documents they asked, or what you've done after this?

Is it a good sign going to visa aporoval if you can received these standar info.

Decision/Status File: Awaiting receipt of documents supporting the visa application sent by the Belgian diplomatic/consular post by diplomatic suitcase.

extra info1: The visa file will only be processed upon receipt of the relevant documents, even if the visa application was previously submitted electronically. On average, the sending of the diplomatic bag takes one month. The processing time of the visa application then depends on the complexity of the file. If a file is still being processed or if the file has not yet been processed because the documents supporting the visa application are awaiting dispatch by diplomatic bag, the date on which the visa application was registered by the Immigration Office will appear as the date.etc...