Runaway case

@logicalindian I have one problem more my employer 2 time he touch my body I make video

Please report it to your nearby police station also report it to Ministry of labor Hotline No. 80008001


LMRA Expatriate Services: +973 17103103

@logicalindian so I report police department so I have chance to work outside

@logicalindian sir please help me have chance to work outside when I report police

Not sure, but looks like your concern is working outside than reporting your employer for wrong doing.

@logicalindian i don't want to go home also I don't want to work again house because this house give me too much pain

I would suggest you exit the country, search for a new employer and come back.

@XTang Good evening sir,

My company has filed a case of absconding against me, I filed a case in the civil court but it was also rejected from there, now my company is ready to close the case, can my boss close the case?


my old sponsor give complaint again me i dont know is it run away or what how to check my new sponsor try to apply visa but it got rejected


i changed my job 2 months ago after mobility my nee got late to apply my visa but now when she applied my visa it got rejected after processing and she said my ild sponsor put complain against me can u tell this complain is regarding what is it run away case or what but i gave him resignation and all

Approach LMRA wth proof that you didn't runaway.


Hello can i ask some thing..

I run away to my employer bcoz my 1 year is done..i dont have visa and cpr to them...and then my friend check the immigration the cr# of the company it is block by the is possible to file the case to me....i under the name of the brother my employer not their name....

Thank u...

Case can only be filed by the person who sponsored your visa.


But their cr # is blocked by the law..

Read what I wrote.  Your question has been answered.


Hello sir I work for a company 10 month after I resigned but the put me on runaway I have a new company the whant to give me visa how to do ?


Hello sir work 10 month for a company after I resigned but the put me on runaway because I don't give my resignation letter after that I get a new job the whant to give me visa how to remove the case ?


sir goodmorming my girlfriend shes in jail now because of the run away case. shes 10days now and i ask the philippine embassy about her status they told me shes going hoom soon her ticket make booking. so how many days booking finish?

I have no idea what you asked. A ticket booking will last till flight time. If that is what you were asking

Hi! Can a previous employer tag you as run away even after you had visa to new employer?  Her basis of considering me as run away is due to my absence without official leave within probationary period.

Not if visa has been transferred.


Hello Sir.lam also a run away victim because the work conditions were not favouring me and my bosses told me to refund their money after working for a full year for them. What should I do because when l last checked the visa is still valid but l don't my passport and id ts now 5 months ever since l left the house.l have new sponsor and wants to make for me visa but my old bosses still want a refund so that to give back my documents.What should l do please.thank you


Hello Sir.

Iam also a run away victim but l was just forced because of the poor working conditions and over working.l only worked for my bosses only one year and left because l was very sick.ts now 5 months ever since l left but when l told them to give me my passport and id they said l have to refund their money so that they can give me back my documents but l don't know if they put run away case because when l last checked in October 2023 the visa was still valid. So please what should I do because l have a nother sponsor but l don't have my documents

Read this:

For passport, go to police.