Family joining visa for husband and children

Dear all,

Under current law here in Oman, is it possible for the husband and a child join the wife under family joining visa?
The wife employed as a teacher with salary slightly above OMR 800 with accommodation benefits.
Just thought of asking here first before I propose the same to the school (sponsor) / school's PRO.
Thank you in advance.


You can surely try but it's unlikely to get a visa for husband. It's not about the salary. It's just the way it is.


Thank you for your reply. I spoke to ROP officer regarding this and yes, it is not possible for husband and children to join the wife under family joining visa EXCEPT some approval will be given (case by case basis) if the spouse (wife) working in a high managerial position in certain sectors. Definitely a NO for a teacher.

Thanks again. Have a good day!

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