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Hello, on my arrival to Mauritius I got stamp for 90 days of visiting visa.and now I have only 10 days left to complete but my wife is pregnant and she can not travel.i got a doctor certificate regarding her pain and not to travel coz it may lead to some health issues.i intend to stay for another 30 days more.should I need to get my visa extend or can stay without extending visa as it says a person can stay upto to 180 days in a year.

Never overstay a visa..I am sure that like other countries BEFORE your visa expires, you will need to get it re-validated by the Immigration services.

You need to call in at the Passport and Immigration office for an extension of your visa. You can be allowed an additional max 90 days to stay if your request is accepted.

Got Visa extended in 20 mins very eash

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Could you share a bit more about the process?

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