Misyar marriage in jeddah

Hi, im 24 yo muslim girl, recently i read about misyar marriage, or urfi marriage.
1. Can someone explain to me if those things are the same or different?
2. Are those legal  / allowed in Saudi law
3. If it's allowed, does anyone know how to do it?

Thanks in advance


1.Its same like normal marriage but some agreements on contract.
2.Its Legal
3.Yes its allowed and simple arrange partner and go to marriage court they will fix the marriage

Hi Thanks for replying

Which court to be exactly?

And as a female if I don't have any family/ relative in KSA as my wali, is it possible to still do it?

Does it require permission from my wali  in home country and/ or my sponsorship in KSA?

Can couple that has done misyar marriage live together?

Does it have paper/ marriage book as prove that we can show to the authority?

yes you need wali permission

Assuming you're a Muslim, this is going to be hard work as Saudi has such strict rules. Perhaps you could put feelers out amongst workmates and friends in the hope of finding a father with a suitable daughter.
However, I'd tend to avoid mentioning Misyar as, if I were the lady's father, I'd tell you exactly what to go and do.

If you like, try muslima.com, saudfa.com,  or other specifically Muslim dating sites. I have no idea if they have the same massive problems with fraud and prostitution that other types of dating sites have, so be a little careful.

Firstly, do you understand what a misyar marriage is??? before you make such a commitment, please be sure you know what will be asked of you in a misyar marriage

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