Hey, I'm looking for a part-time assistant

Hey, I'm looking for a part-time assistant. Receiving and sending parcels, one received and sent parcel 20 GBP

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I suggest you place an advert in our Jobs forum - top of the page is a link.

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Hi, are there drugs or stolen goods in the parcels?

Perhaps this strange ad is better ignored as people replying have absolutely no idea of the answer to the above.

Many years ago a mate got paid for recieving packages - it took 2 days in police cells before they accepted he was innocent, just a fall guy.

Hi, there is nothing forbidden in them

the package will go from the official website of the UK all this is tracked

probably everything happens, but I'm an honest person and I want to find an honest person who will help me

submitting the current announcement, I also worry that the person honestly completed tasks

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express interest in your advertisement.
I have 8 years of plus administration  experience in International Schooling System and in hospitality . I have expertise in office word, Excel. I herewith attach a copy of my resume.  I will be looking forward for your positive response.
Thank you,
Regards amber

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[at] Amber :

I would advise you to post your job search in the jobs in England section.

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