When my USA visa was validated I did not get proof.

I recently finished the process of having my visa from the USA validated {chest xray and medical exam at OFII].
They did not give me any proof, like a paper or a stamp on my passport. They said I was good to go.
It felt a little wrong, so I went back in, and they assured me that everything was fine.

I am concerned that when I try to make an appointment to renew my visa, I won’t have any identifying number to plug in online for the appointment.

Does anyone know if I should look into this?
I am leaving France for the winter and plan to make my appointment online [in January in the States], then come back to France to renew.

Have word with the Embassy, but you are entitled to 90 days without doing anyway.

To clarify, I already did the “three-month-upon-arrival” for my one year visa.
But I have no proof.
When I go online to renew my one year visa in 2020 I don’t have anything with a validation number on it, so I cannot make an appointment.

I live quite far from the embassy, so I am trying to figure out if I have a problem without taking a day to go there.
I did call them and they told me to come in to talk.
Seems they could just look me up in their data base and tell me if my one year visa was validated.

So my question is: when your one year visa was validated after your medical exam, did your passport get a stamp or sticker??

Unfortunately, things have changed recently with OFII, so older experiences will not help you to know your situation.
But, you renew your titre de séjour at the préfecture. At least at mine, you don't need any identifier to make the appointment - you just show up (at the appointment) with your updated dossier. You might recheck your préfecture's website for whether you really need this.
If you do need an identifier, your visa sticker itself has a number.
Good luck!

Thanks, Julie.

Knowing how things sometimes don’t work as one would expect, I get nervous, but with your input I’m going to relax and trust that OFII knew what they were doing when they said I did not need additional paperwork as proof my visa was validated!
If there is an issue next year when I want to renew, I’m sure my prefecture will help me sort it out.
It does get confusing.
Another American expat I know got a card after his medical exam. He didn’t know it was temporary and that he had to pick up the official one at the prefecture, so the next year his visa renewal was denied. (This was ten years ago).   All I have is a visa sticker in my original passport and a copy of my chest xray and proof of medical exam. But as you say, it’s all digital now, so things are different.

Every expat I know here seems to have a slightly different verson of how they became official for a long term stay.
My daughter is married to a French citizen now, so perhaps there is even yet anither way for me.
Anyway, thank you for helping me out yet again with beaucratic issues!

Hi! Same thing happened to us, and we were perplexed. It seems like they may have streamlined things a bit.
We plan on setting up a few month ahead to renew. I’m still not sure what to expect for that meeting.

Renewing is a lot like getting the original visa, except no online tool, and no OFII.
You check your préfecture's website, and provide the docs they list for your situation. Often, even if you didn't have to translate your docs for your visa, you will for the renewal.
The same website will tell you the procedure (usually, you struggle to get an appointment online)

An ESTA is registered in the USA and is linked to your passport, so no need to have a printed paper or stamp.  You can check out here :  https://e-visa.co.uk/usa

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