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I have completed Diploma in Accounting and Business from ACCA. I tried to get SCOPA registration last year but they have rejected with saying that does not fulfill SOCPA membership requirement.
Is there any possibility that I can get SOCPA membership with the CAT (ACCA) Certificate?

OBU degree, or any other in accounting, or ACCA membership will work.

Please ii want to contact you, I am interested in learning this certificate

Yes dear I want I have 2 years attested Diploma in Advanced Financial Accounting


2 days before I have done SOCPA registration and paid 840 riyals for registering "General Account", now its showing status "Temporary Accounting Technician", I don't know what should I do next, Can you give me a guide please. FYI my certificates are not verified, So should I wait for till the verification will be done? My Iqama renewal is  very near, Please reply me quickly or send personal email to*** much helpful.... thanks in advance,

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You need to submit 2 years experience certificate as well

Please help me
I have  13 years experience as payroll accountant my profession is general accountant  on iqama

Hi Stalin, Once you registered in SOCPA your iqama will be renewed and then They will contact you once your documents are okay.

Hi bro , have u registered finally

hi Stalin, did your socpa temporary technician change already?

can u provide me ur mobile no

any one help me to renew the account audit technician iqama . I have only master degree in computer ..while trying to renew it showing SE not found

can u provide me ur mobile no

hi jerry faith, did you register online already?


Hi try to register online and then submit the documents you have and then wait for the response

jerryfaith, i cannot share my number here, its not allowed

for how long does your membership status will change from the moment SOCPA issued you temporary certificate of acctg?

I'm still waiting up to now...

I have bachelors degree in accounting and my certificate is not attested.  Currently my profession is computer programmer in iqama and i am working as accountant. 

I want to change my profession and do the SOCPA accept my certificates which are not attested and allow to change the profession to Financial clerk. I am working 12 years in this profession in this company

Please advise or advise which the ideal profession one can change in this current situation

Hi, to be sure i don't have any idea what profession should we/I use, I have a friend, he requested to change his Iqama to another profession from accountant to payroll clerk but his request was rejected and his Iqama was already expired 2 months.

Yes Brother You find any solution?

Assalamu Alaikum!
I Have Registered in SOCPA in 2019 with My Bachelor Degree in computer and Diploma In accounting. Unfortunately, I have received an email from SOCPA and MY Request has been Rejected.
I do not know what to do. Can we Renew our iqama.
Please help me, May Allah Bless you.

Dear last month I got attested my profession with socpa and  they issued permanent accounting technician certification after 2 weeks once I applied for socpa profession registration.
I am Acca Affiliate yet I don't have acca membership so i applied on the basis of my acca professional level certificate which is not attested by ministry of foreign affair and other related body but socpa accept my certificate
socpa also require third party consent In order to confirm my certificate velidity from Acca direct.
Now it's been one month since my company HR applied for my iqama profession change from normal worker to auditor on the basis of my socpa certificate but still they did not update my profession nor they ask for payment of 1000 riyal of profession change . Every day I ask my company HR about this and they said they cannot do anything it's system issue it's still showing pending in system.
I dont have any gratution degree I started acca after matric and my acca certificate are not attested by forign affair, Hec or embossy. So please let me know it is possible to change the profession on iqama on the basis of socpa or should I also have to attested my acca certificate from above bodies. Please anyone advice if somebody know?

It will last for 1 year I think after the issued temporary certificate, but upon completion of the documents required if you are an accounting by profession most probably it will change.

Ranazulqurnain wrote:

Yes dear I want I have 2 years attested Diploma in Advanced Financial Accounting

Dear in may 2021 I also applied for socpa membership and they take around 2 to 3 weeks to changed the status of temporary membership to permanent membership.

Hi waleed , any solutions?

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