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I have completed Diploma in Accounting and Business from ACCA. I tried to get SCOPA registration last year but they have rejected with saying that does not fulfill SOCPA membership requirement.
Is there any possibility that I can get SOCPA membership with the CAT (ACCA) Certificate?

OBU degree, or any other in accounting, or ACCA membership will work.

Please ii want to contact you, I am interested in learning this certificate

Yes dear I want I have 2 years attested Diploma in Advanced Financial Accounting


2 days before I have done SOCPA registration and paid 840 riyals for registering "General Account", now its showing status "Temporary Accounting Technician", I don't know what should I do next, Can you give me a guide please. FYI my certificates are not verified, So should I wait for till the verification will be done? My Iqama renewal is  very near, Please reply me quickly or send personal email to*** much helpful.... thanks in advance,

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You need to submit 2 years experience certificate as well

Please help me
I have  13 years experience as payroll accountant my profession is general accountant  on iqama

Hi Stalin, Once you registered in SOCPA your iqama will be renewed and then They will contact you once your documents are okay.

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