Homeschooling in Riyadh

I have a 16 year old boy and a 12 year old girl and just decided to pull them out of an international school in riyadh.  I'm homeschooling them using CDIS curriculum.  Any other homeschoolers out there?  Looking for extracurricular activities for them in addition to sports at the American school thru Rysa (Riyadh youth sports association). Edythe

I would suggest you check out they have afterschool training in basketball, soccer, swimming, martial arts and other sports and activities for all ages. Many who take part also homeschool.


I am relocating to Riyadh at the end of summer.  I am considering homeschooling myself.  I have my reservations only because i am afraid they will get lonely.  My son is 17 and my daughters are 11 and 14. Good luck! and maybe we can get in touch with each other for activities 4 the kids.

Better to let them learn and interact with kids their own age than staying at home with mom all day...

If you dont mind my asking, what prompted you to home school your children? i have been thinking seriously about doing the same, but i dont think that i have the discipline, and i dont want to destroy my childrens future by doing a half assed job!

I have been homeschooling for 10 years here in the states.  We never had any problem with our children having "socialization" because we are involved in many activities with fellow home schoolers. I know that some people have their own opinion about whether a child should be home or not.  Homeschooling is not for everyone and some people should not do it period. My reason for homeschooling my children was that they are dyslexic and here unfortunately do not recognize dyslexia in the public school system.  I wanted to make sure my children had the same chance to learn to read and write like other children. They are both reading beautifully but struggling with spelling. So I have my reservations about putting them in the international schools in Riyadh because I am not sure they will be sensitive to their needs.  But I do not want them to be lonely. After saying this Homeschooling is very rewarding and my children have been very happy and the one who commented about a child should not stay home with their mom...well they do have a life outside of mom and they take every chance to hang out with their friends with support. Thanks everyone for listening!


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Good Job linda :)

thanks Linda, i appreciate you sharing your home schooling experience with us all.  I have a friend whose son is 11 and reads and does science at a significantly higher level than his grade and his mom takes great pleasure in keeping him actively involved in what he has interest in. Her story and yours always keep me wanting to homeschool!

Thanks for all the kind comments:D!

I wish the best for all of us to raise our children with the best  intentions.  Life is a journey! take care!

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives a formal education.” ~ Albert Einstein


This kind of effort is to be admired, but just in case for those whom maybe doesn't have your teaching virtues...i think Multinational International School recognizes dislexia.

Thanks for the tip:D I also am interested in knowing if anyone knows if it would be a good idea to live in a villa instead of a compound.  We used to live in jeddah  a few years ago and it was nice living in a compound but I felt we never had any privacy. 


Lindalou :

Thanks for the tip:D I also am interested in knowing if anyone knows if it would be a good idea to live in a villa instead of a compound.  We used to live in jeddah  a few years ago and it was nice living in a compound but I felt we never had any privacy. 


In compounds you may lose some privacy but they do provide other facilities and activities and its a very safe environment for children.

In a non compound villa - you may have more privacy..but there are no other will be restricted to the villa, as soon as you step outside of the villa, your very much car/driver bound.

There again, it really depends on yourself, compounds do not suit all.

I know you are right but I am so confused because my children are pushing for a villa and I am afraid they will get lonely.  But I guess we can try it and the following year sign up through for a compond if they drive me crazy. It is good to have others to chat with to give you a better perspective so you can make better decisions.  I am actually terrible at making decisons. Thanks again!

A villa is nice as long as you have a way to get around, finding a reliable driver is key. You also need to choose a location where the surrounding neighbors aren't all Saudi, so you can make some friends. Ask around maybe at work to see what areas are recommended. My in laws live in eshbiliah. The area has tons of expats from Canada and America, quite nice area and very near to grocery, food, and malls. But I think a compound is nice bc you can walk freely and play outside without worrying as much. In a villa you are limited to your friends homes and your own surrounding villa wall.

I'm from London and have had my son in an international school in Riyadh  for 6 months and would like information regarding home schooling. My son is 6 years old and I was wondering how we could get accreditation for him while studying at home through the UK curriculum. Can anyone help? please?

i am currently offering private tutoring classes in the afternoon (however, i am living in Riyadh-SaudiArabia), i have been teaching in AUb ( i was living in Lebanon) private hours for the past 3 years, if you have any question regarding tutoring hours please dont hesitate to call me [Moderated: pls avoid personal details on the forum]

http://www.  first stop for Brits wanting to know home laws on home education and pointers to everything you need to know, including how to obtain and follow state school education and pay for GCSE's, etc.

If you choose not to use a recognised curriculum, then you're educating suitable to age, and special needs they may have, and, if you choose to agree with the principle, to ensure your child becomes a useful member of society.  I personally feel that to under or over educate your child may cause life problems where fitting in with society is concerned.   When you remove your child from the school register you just have to keep records of the education you deliver for the investigator who pops round every year or two to examine development.

We homeschool my 4 children.  We have done all over the world.  I have to say KSA has been the most challenging.  However whenever I am struggling my neighbors will tell me the problems with the schools here  that helps.  Although from the UK we use Calvert homeschooling curriculum which is an American curriculum.  There are a few homeschoolers here but its not very popular. 
There are homeschoolers uk yahoo groups try and get on them and ask advice.  Regarding the UK education otherwise is a good start as the previous poster mentioned.
I hope this helps.


i would love to help, if there are any opportunities let me knw plz

I was wondering how to homeschool my kids, like how exactly do i enroll my kids in an accredited homeschooling network in the same curriculum as yours and I'm clueless...I have no idea what to do. And is it cheaper? My kids study at Rowad international and I have 5 kids, and I pay about 20,000 for each kid. And what about the tests? Is there a specialised school that all the homeschooled kids go to in order to take their exams? I'm sorry for asking so much questions, but I have no idea what to do.
Thank you in advance :)

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Hi there,
I have been homeschooling  my first two children  for 4 years now. They did their IGCSE and got excellent marks. I pulled out my younger ones aged 11 &. 10 this year from an international school to h/ school them as well. It depends on what curriculum do you follow. We follow the British one and there some online LEA approved schools where you can enroll your child. I hope this helps :)

My two daughters are on Home Schooling from USA.
Are you still interested in sharing information on Home Schooling?
Please reply,

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Dear Mr. Jamal,
Thank you for your care and love for me.
I have already moved from Saudi Arabia. I am in Chile now, Alhamdulillah running my own business successfully.
Requesting your prayers,
Best Regards,
Saeed Mirza

I m moving to Riyadh,my kids r twin 13y in y9: Britich,Cambridge system.
Thanks for a sinscere advice about home schooling.

Please guide me for homeschooling my children age 6,9 and 10. Currently they are in an international school but I’m not satisfied.

salaam ummuhammad,
did you figure out a system for homeschooling in Riyadh? we just moved from the US with our 6 yr old daughter. I never homeschooled so don`t know what resources I need to establish a good system.

Hi there
Just moving to Riyadh and thinking of homeschooling my 2 girls. I am from the uk originally but we live in Mallorca , so my girls are in the spanish / mallorcan school system. I would like to follow the uk curriculum but want to keep my girls languages up too.
Does anyone homeschool? Any advice? Anyone know anyone that gives spanish classes? Or tutoring of any kind to back me up?
Thanks in advance

Hi Clare,

I am planning to start homeschooling my 6 yr old soon and working on gathering resources. We are Saudi but just moved from the US after having lived there for more than 16 years. I do not know much about Spanish private tutors but have you tried reaching out to the Spanish expats' forum on InterNations? On another topic;  would you be interested in joining a homeschooling group to arrange for playdates and other activities?

All the best!


Hi Sheakha
Great to hear from you. Yes , a homeschooling group would be fantastic, count us in. I am in the same position, just looking at how to go about it and gathering resources and getting ideas. Excursions once a week to coincide with topics, and any other trips and playdates will be so good.
We arrive in Riyadh next week. Let's meet up as soon as we can? I also think for us to bounce ideas off one another and others in a group is a good way to mix up studying.
Thanks for getting in touch and also I will touch base with a spanish forum

Looking forward to meeting you

Yes, group meetings coinciding with topics sound great! How old are your daughters? Please reach out whenever you have settled.

I`m sure you know but if you have not done so, bring books! There are loads of children books in Arabic but finding good books in English ( or Spanish) can be tricky.

Have a safe trip and welcome to Riyadh!


My daughters are 5 & 6... we are currently in jeddah waiting to come to Riyadh.  Delayed by a week more now. I did come with some books... namely the learning to read book set. Hopefully we can do some swaps too, if you have a selection. I did buy a kindle for them but we have yet to get to grips with using it. Books are so much nicer...
Are you on WhatsApp? Can we message privately?
I am not sure how to message you privately
Enjoy the day

Good morning

We are finally in Riyadh and would really like to arrange a playdate. When would be good for you?
My WhatsApp number is ***
Look forward to hearing from you
Best wishes

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Sorry just saw this. I sent you a private message with my WhatsApp number!


I came across a blog by a parent who has successfully home schooled his children.

Perhaps this can give the parents some starting point.

This is really inspiring! Thanks!

Inspiring indeed. I have a son and a daughter aged 6 and 3.5 respectively. I at times use to teach them Maths. I showcase it as we are playing games and they find it really intriguing when they do the exercises and in the end get the points.

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