ladies stitching classes in hara area

I am looking for ladies sewing classes at hara can anyone help with info on this.Thanks

well!! I am new to this website have been living in Riyadh for 5yrs now.Istay at hara and would like to join a stiching class
along with friends, would really appreciate any information on this regard.:) Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the forum Khadijaz!

Maybe you could try posting an advert in the classes section of Riyadh classifieds.
It might help!


Any Update in this topic plz????

Hi salaam
I want a stiching classes

Hi Jaseela,

Welcome on board  :)

There has not been any update on this topic since 2014, it will be better if you drop an advert in the Classes in Riyadh section of the website so that your search benefits from more visibility on the website.

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I do stitching classes here in could message me if your interested.

hi iam intrested to enroll to the stiching class .can you let me know at what time the classs are ,the fees
and i work in king faisal hospital .how far is it .my mail i.d is ***
thank you

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Hi, do you perhaps know of sewing classes for men?

Hi I am intrested to enroll Sewing class. I know the basics of sewing just want to learning measurements and cutting. I will appreciate if you message me back.

A.A  if u want ladies stiching cloth classes. U can contect me.i live in areeja.not for away from hara.  My whatsapp numbr is ***

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my wife need to join stitchig class. ***

can i get your number pls



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Are u still taking stitching classes ...?

Pls provide whatsapp number

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