Information about Ibn Khaldun International School (Riyadh)

:/  Anybody here has any information with regards to Ibn Khaldun International School in Riyadh (Girls) - for teaching staff, how much is the pay? other benefits? working environment? people to work with?any info will be of great help! thanks

:blink: wow..thanks for the heads up...normally, students at that age (KG 1 or anybody in KG or elementary) are, depending on the nationality and culture they were raised. And honestly, here in KSA, westerner educators are not known for patience as well. It's a total clash of culture. IMHO.  :cheers:

My wife is an Arab not a Westerner as you assume, her level of patience is sufficient for such BS. My wife is also experienced with youth and teaching only KG as this is her specialty.  I think your assumptions are miscalculated and demeaning. We are also both Muslims so this culture is comfortable for us. They attitude of these students at this school are not tolerable in any culture, time or place. I warn any person to think about twice before they work at this school. Again, your assumptions show a shallow presumed racism.  May Allah guide you and protect you.

well...your profile says you're from USA...
and its just normal here, that school administration favors the parents from their own staff...Arab parents (both locals and expats) here, are the most irritating,and complaining parents here...considering of the fees they're paying the school - they'd simply think they bought the lives of the teachers.
Seriously, even if they pay a cleaner or house-help with an alms, they'd be treated like slaves (commonly).
And not all of the staffs of that school are unhappy. So, it will be just of the personal preference or views of a person.
I noticed that your previous post about the school was removed... :/ ...well, good luck about your case in the MOL.

I joined the school with very good intention but unfortunately one pakistani HOD was there and from the first day she tried to humiliate me .Even to children she told that whenever she come to the class disturbed her .All arabs teachers were unhappy with her but they said that school is giving her free hand because she is the only English HOD .And very cleverly she compelled me to leave the job.And when I compelled to the Principal she told me that no my team is very good and they are with me from many years .She told me that here parents are paying too much so we can't say anything to any children. Means we are just like slaves whatever the students want to do in the class they can do and if they do its also your fault .Actually the school haven't any policy .Means there is no one who can control the problematic children .They only try to satisfied the parents with result .And interesting thing is teacher will do everything ppt and explanation but the paper should be like this that students will not get lower marks .I didn't understand and actually that Pakistani HOD didn't give me the chance to understand .So I thought the salary is not enough to cover all these problems .

What is the name of that HOD pakistani
Maybe I know her? Is she still there????

Good evening. Do you know anything about Ibn Khaldun International School Riyadh. I have an interview with them in London tomorrow.

Hello and good morning,

If you are asking about being a teacher my answer will help, if you are asking for your kids to be students in it then my answer will not help.

My wife works there as a teacher, she is Lebanese not western and still she is being treated very well, there is no delay in salaries, the management (in her branch) is very friendly and helpful.

most of the classes preparations and students review (the daily activity)  and grades is online however, this will require from 15 to 30 min of your night depending on how good you are with using their online portal (at the start my wife used to take one hour but now it only takes her 5 minutes so you will get used to it eventually and kindly note that my wife is not a computer enthusiast or expert so dont worry about this part)

please feel free to ask for any mote info.


What kind of questions did you have I have a interview soon in London

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