Arabic language lessons in Riyadh

Hi there, I am Pierre, a male from South Africa. I am currently in Riyadh. I work in the DQ.

I need some recommendations for Arabic lessons please. I have tried the classifieds, but I was not happy with the results. I have also read the Arabic lessons thread from 2011, but that information is old.

I would prefer structured lessons after hours or weekends. I don't mind traveling, but it would be a bonus if the facility is in Laban or close to DQ.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jakes61,

Perhaps you could inquire here : Language institutions in Riyadh

All the best,

Thanks so much Bhavna!

do you want private lessons or as of group?

I do private lessons anyway .

Thanks so much Somer. I prefer group classes. I will definitely keep you in mind though!

Thank you for responding, and kind regards

you are welcome Jake


What is your rate? Inbox me please.


Somer, sorry wrote your name correct but predictive texting took over and it came out wrong.

Please inbox me your rate and details for lessons


Hi Ferdi,

Inboxed you

I'm also interested in the group Arabic classes, as a completely fresh beginner. If there are groups of learners, please inbox me.

Hi everyone,

Please note that for language classes, you should all post in theLanguage classes in Riyadh section.


[at] somer omak >

The forum is not intended for offering your services.
I invite you to post in thelanguage classes in Riyadh section as well.

Thanks all,

Priscilla team  :cheers:

Thank you Priscilla .. Well noted :)


Can you please inbox me your rates and other details.


Check your inbox

Hi Somer,

Kindly share your details about course structure, duration, fees etc.

If you know anyone else to start session we can do so in groups.

Awaiting your response.


Hi Raza ,

I just come back from vacation . Right now there is no student ,, but you are welcome to start with me .

Usually it will be Three lessons per week , 1 hour per lesson .

Other info will be in DM.

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