Al alameen british islámic school riyadh

Plz can anyone tell me about   Al alameen british islámicschool in riyadh that how is their education standard especially in primary section .are there native british teachers over there

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Would love to hear the answer to your question, also researching schools in Riyadh so any recommendations appreciated

I am interested to know about this school.

Their web site :

also i sent an email and got a response to come visit

Yes 75% are native and all english teachers are pure native

Its is not true they are arab this school is british islamic so arab saudi teaches teach islamic quran arabic ect.
For english all homeroom teachers come from England british or america.

I have 4 children at the school for last 3 years.
Kg2 British teacher named maria
Kg3 British native pure native mrs melany
Montessori advanced Pure native teacher shareen from canada
grade 6 Pure british native teacher for english
American native science
British native second term maths
Pure american native mrs emily first term maths

This is summary for my children this year last 2 years also had fantastic teachers from south africa and we had mrs emma from england fine teacher last year taught sami to read and write very well.

I like this school and highly recomend it  to anyone, offers great events too throughout the year.

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I m new in Riyadh.i m searching for a school.can anyone tell me about the
Fees of British Islamic school for grade 4.


Email them or call them, their site is linked above.

simple one of the best

Is grade 9 is in alameen international school I want my daughter adm there and pls let me know abt the fees structure.

I would like to find out the comparison between this school and British international school. My employer is supporting fees to an extent and I have looked at Bisr prices they are very expensive. Tryouts no to find alternative with British curriculum and environment. So if I need to negotiate school fees with my employer I would do. Please suggest me asap as I will be accepting their offer within a day or two.


British international school is more like a state school in uk ,  academically good but no islamic atmosphere. Al alameen school is more like islamic schools in uk, academically not that good but they have good islamic side. If ur kids are in secondary level and you want them to raise in islamic atmosphere and good results in GCSE levels  then I will recommend Al rowad international school. my kids are studying there. Primary level is not that good.
Hope that helps.

Thanks for your reply. My child will be a year old by next week انشأالله تعالٰى. But when I was reading the admission policy it's been said that I would have to apply for admission in the 2nd year of my child age to get him starteded in pre nursery etc when he would become three years old.
So I suppose first question would be how many British schools are out there?
Second which will be best for his foundation? Obviously I would prefer Islamic atmosphere because that's the main reason I have chosen to move to Riyadh.  So please guide me step by step if possible. I will probably be in Riyadh by June انشأالله تعالٰى so I will do some more research when I would be there alone.
Which are the good areas to live in Riyadh which will be close to all the amenities, shops etc and staying there will be safe and sound, around professionals i suppose?

Forgot to mention that my office will be near to Riyadh Airport. So please suggest some good areas to live where I can have a neat and clean house or apartment, quiet with parking facility

Your child is not even one year old!  :)  Then you don't need to worry about school now. When you move to Riyadh then you can visit and decide. Getting admission is not that hard and you will have plenty of time to search inshaAllah.

That's right. But I just wanted to find out the options and fees so I can negotiate with them on school fees allowance. So please help me if you can.

Oh ok. If you want to negotiate then you  can go as percentage. Like my husband's company pays 80% of the school fees.  International primary school fees are like 15000 - 25000 riyal per year.

They have offered me 15000 SAR for now. But when I looked at the fees for British international school it was starting from 35000 SAR.

Geek-Peer :

Forgot to mention that my office will be near to Riyadh Airport. So please suggest some good areas to live where I can have a neat and clean house or apartment, quiet with parking facility

I am same situation as u were 3 years ago just wanna ask u did you find any good Islamic school foy your toddler at that time??will appreciate your help

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