Russian Course in Riyadh


I am Saudi and I would like to know if there is somebody in Riyadh who is native in Russian. I want to make with him/her a deal that he teaches me Russian while I pay him money for each lecture. My be I want two-four lectures in a week to improve my language. Note that I once lived in Russia for some time, and I knew basic of Russian and I have some textbooks.

Please if someone knows about any course or a native Russian read this text, then send me in private.

Thank you.

I think there are maximum 200-300 Russians in Riyadh at all :)  There were couple of ladies at Internations that practiced teaching Russian as a foreign language, you can try to search it there. But, being honest, I'd recommend you to try Italki instead of trying to find a local teacher.

Thank you Dmitry, for sure, I will consider this italki, I just looked at it. It seems that half of those Russian in Riyadh are diplomatic people :). I once remember I met a Russian in Russian Embassy who speaks Arabic very nice, I think he was from Dagestan and study in KSU. I think there are more than 300 in Riyadh who speak Russian as native; since there are many Muslims in Russia or there are countries that you did not count like Uzbekistan where many of them speak Russian.

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