Im from vietnam n I want marry to Romania guy

Hello I’m from vietnam I’ll marry to Romania bf of mine. Can I ask if after I married to him n I moved to Romania to live then he gotta go work in UK so can I go with him emmidiately or I gotta wait for 5 years to get Romanian citizenship ????!!! Pls help !! I really want go live in Romania in a year then go UK with my bf tho . !

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If you are traveling on your Vietnamese passport you will need the relevant visa to go to UK.

Wat is relevant visa? How can I apply that?

ask your boyfriedn, he will tell you what is relavant visa.

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You also need to consider whether Brexit will make any changes to your boyfriends (and your) ability to work in the UK; the latest UK Government discussions tell us that the UK will leave the EU on 31 October 2019, whether it will or not is another matter.

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Why don't you apply directly for a UK visa?
Who told you that the Romanian citizenship is acquired in 5 years????? Are you sure he or she did not tell you 10 (TEN) years and after a rigorous exam?

and my last question to you is : Are you aware that what you are planning is considered fraud by Romanian law?

If you want to work in the UK, is better for you to obtain a work permit in the UK and even if you obtained a residence in Romania you could not work there, because Romania is not a Schenngen member and the UK does not accept expats married with a U.E. citizen from a state that is not a member.

Best of luck to you.

Who’s say you I’ll get a citizenship after 10 years in Romania ? And wat do you mean by I fraud romania laws? Wat did I do? Pls explain that! I never said I’ll marry to uk people why u told me uk not accepted us?!

Lanny, according to the procedures and conditions of Law no. 21/1991 on Romanian citizenship, art. 8 reported to art. 12 to 21 it may take up to 10 years plus a rigorous exam, which by the way could be scheduled in an year and a half. ( … legislatie) you have on this site the law in english.

You said you want to marry a Romanian citizen so you can obtain a residence and after that go to the UK and work?! - according to the law this is fraud. If you did not mean this then try to write a little bit better in English and try to transmit the right message.

So, to answer directly your question - "Who’s say you I’ll get a citizenship after 10 years in Romania ?" - the Romanian law and its procedural norms. (btw I wrote 10 years not after 10 years).

Wish success in your endeavors.

I think that your question was very clear Lany, but it is hard to give a definite answer sometimes as the process may take longer or shorter than anticipated. My understanding is you can apply for temporary residence visa after marriage but this process may be quick or it may be long as you have to deal with Romanian immigration and they will approve you or deny you in the end as they will decide if your marriage is legit or not. As for living in the UK, this has nothing to do with Romania at this point in time and a temp. resident visa does not give you any rights to live anywhere else in Europe and your temp. residence visa for Romania can be taken away if you move out of Romania for longer than I believe 6 months. To live in the UK with your husband, you will have to fill out a  separate application and be approved for by the UK government. As for a visa to the UK, you will have to follow rules according to where you come from (ie. if you have to apply for a visa or not). Marrying a Romanian will not guarantee you will be able to A. live in Romania or B. live with him in another European country. You will have a right to be able to apply for certain privileges after marriage but unfortunately it is not guaranteed. I just suggest doing your research as it seems you are and to get your boyfriend to talk to Romanian immigration in his city if you guys are needing more clarification for living in Romania after marriage. I am not an expert.  I am simply a Canadian who is married to a Romanian and can offer some simple advice. It can be a long frustrating process but if your soon to be marriage is legit and you know this is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with, you will push through. I encourage you not to give up, but know, that it will not be as easy as you think.
Good luck!

Wat is 21/1991 law of Romania? It’s from 1991 not 2019 . Wats wrong with you? Follow the new laws. And wat is wrong with marry to Romanian citizenship n come uk for work? Why it’s fraud ? Tell clearly about this? I think ur the one fraud to this so u think someone else is doing wrong . N my English is better than you . Why I need stralate it better ?! If ur not understand then no ?! Stop going in ppls topic to talk non sense!

It will be hard n I’ll be try
Tks you for your advises ❤️

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good luck to you Laney!!!

Ask your bf to stay and work in Romania, albeit he wont make as much as in the U.K but cost of living is way cheaper and Romania is such a beautiful country without all the complications that the U.K has, I am american and living part time in Bucharest and Iasi, for sure you will love it there in Romania.

Tks you . I like bucharest too . I heard about it . Maybe I will think of stay in Bucharest with my bf !

Hey um just a little help for you because i'm indonesian married to romanian. If you dont plan to become romanian citizen then just stay there for 1 year and apply for visa moving to UK, because you are NON EU, you still need visa to move to UK, your bf should help you with the document because he will be your sponsor. If you want to become romanian citizen first, then you have to stay 5 years with temporary residence permit and after that become a citizen by obtaining long residence permit (there will be some procedure and exam). I hope that help

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