Temporary residency card expires, then what?

Hi, I have had a temporary residence card for commercial purpose, and it will expire in a few months. If I choose NOT to renew it, what is the procedure? I am US citizen. Do I go directly back on my 90/180 days? Or do I have to exit the country and come back? Anyone have experience with this?

You need to exit the country, your residence permit won't convert automatically to a tourist visa.  Theoretically, you could cross the land border and come right back in and be good to go.

Thanks for your quick reply. Have you personally had this experience? If that is the case, then that is no problem.

Just as long as I don't have to stay out for xx amount of days in order to convert back on my 90/180 tourist days...

No, I'm a permanent resident :)

There's nothing in the law OUG 194/2002 that states you must exit for a defined period.  You just need to exit to show no overstay of your residence permit, and to register a "tourist" entry in the system as a formality.

As any self-proclaimed 'romaniac' should be!

Thank you for the reference. I'll try to cross check that with a lawyer but he'll probably want some money for the answer.

ill be needing a tempory visa end of 2017 to stay in Romania whats the best way to go about getting one

robthom wrote:

ill be needing a tempory visa end of 2017 to stay in Romania whats the best way to go about getting one

If you're from Wales, why would you need a visa? :huh:

In any case, if you want/need a visa, you need to apply at the embassy.

I've had this experience in Germany after my visa expired. Assuming it's the same you WILL need to leave the country at least a day or two before the expiry of the card, then you can re enter for your tourist stay, but it will not just roll over into the tourist allowance. You need that stamp in your passport.


So when I re-entered after expiration date, the border agent scanned my passport and said I only have 4 days left out of the 90. I then had to explain that all my previous entries/exits for the past year were on a residency card, and now I'm entering on the tourist visa. He took my word for it, and stamped me on through...