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Added on 07/06/2024
Added on 21/03/2024
RON 10000
Everything you need to know to work in Romania
Working in Romania
According to the Financial Times, Romania is one of Europe's most fast-growing economies, a fact that has attracted foreign professionals over the years. Slowly, Romania became a popular tech destination that is constantly growing overseas investments, therefore, the country is now an attraction for expats looking for a job. 
Starting a business in Romania
Romania is one of Eastern Europe's most colourful and exciting destinations for starting a business. The reasons are multiple. The location, meaning the proximity to the Middle Eastern Markets through the port on the Black Sea, the resources (oil, gas, timber) and also the population itself are few of the reasons why Romania is welcoming the foreign entrepreneurs. Also, Romania is the 2nd country where there is a great number of people who are speaking foreign languages, after Holland. Through this article, expats will find the conditions for opening a business in Romania, the types of companies and the steps to setting up a new company. 
Internships in Romania
Going for an internship in a foreign country will open you so many doors. If you are thinking about going to Romania, it's better to know how you can apply for an internship here and also the other formalities. Here is an overview of the cultural and professional exchanges during an internship in Romania. 
Working in Romania as a digital nomad
There are many reasons why Romania is such a great destination for working nomads. The culture, wide choice of lifestyle, travel, landscape, people, the development of the economy are just a few of the reasons why choosing Romania as the next “hub” for your work. 
Working in Brasov
Brasov is now one of the biggest cities in Romania, and also an attractive economic centre, considering the big number of employees and employers. Due to its level of development, infrastructure, and foreign interest, Brasov is by far a great destination for expats. The city provides a wide range of jobs, in different domains, as well as plenty of opportunities for investors. 
Working in Cluj Napoca
If you are looking to move to Cluj, the Romanian city might be a perfect choice. With the best quality of life in the country and an economy in continuous growth, Cluj offers a wide range of jobs. Here is what expats need to know about their future careers here. 
Added on 21/03/2024
RON 3250
Job candidates in Romania
Added on 11/05/2024
EUR 2000
Added on 22/04/2024
laboratory technician
dilane lactio
Permanent contract
Added on 19/04/2024
USD 400
Added on 06/03/2024
EUR 3000
Business and brand strategy management
Raluca Oana Sava
Permanent contract
Added on 03/03/2024
EUR 50000
Added on 15/02/2024
USD 2000
Added on 12/02/2024
RON 580
Farm Supervisor
Bolaji Adegbite
Permanent contract
Added on 04/02/2024
USD 1200
Chef de parties pastry/bakery
Mehboob alam
Fixed-term contract
Added on 28/01/2024
USD 3000
consultant in industrial management and SCM
Jean-Christophe MOUYRIN
Permanent contract
Added on 25/01/2024
EUR 2500
Added on 20/01/2024
EUR 6500
Added on 17/01/2024
USD 8000
fruit picking
imalka jayawickrama
Permanent contract
Added on 17/11/2023
USD 1250
Comuna Slobozia
Added on 29/09/2023
USD 10
Permanent contract
Added on 20/08/2023
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