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As one of Europe's biggest countries, Romania is very open and welcoming towards expatriates. As a friendly multicultural country, it holds a great natural wealth, rural traditions and folk culture, as well as a fascinating architecture.

If you wish to move to a country where time is rather insignificant and where you will be entitled to a calm and relaxed lifestyle, Romania is the ideal destination for you.


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Baile Balvanyos, Covasna

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Bucharest, Bucureşti

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Bucharest, Bucureşti

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Romania bloggers

my great adventures

6 years ago

Its a blog about me coming from Ireland, living in Romania and everything it has to offer, the sights, the people etc. topics can be anything from politics to the local supermarket, Im from Ireland and moved here a few months back with my fiance, i write about what I have seen or done here, with a few things about back home also.

Relocation Bucharest

7 years ago

I started this blog in order to provide fellow expats with interesting information about my adoptive country, Romania, and its capital city, Bucharest. I write about the lovely sights of the country, interesting places and landmarks to visit, but i also write about the papers needed when moving to a new country and the available houses that could appeal to other expats.


10 years ago

What started out as a blog about moving to Romania from South Africa - my wife is Romanian - has quickly morphed into a life-blog of a would-be immigrant evaluating his choices.


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9500 lei

2 months ago
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Adelina Arosculesei Law Office
Bd. Ion Ionescu de la Brad, nr. 61-63, et. 1, ap.6, sector 1, Bucure?ti, Bucharest, Bucureşti


Adelina Arosculesei Law Office
Bd. Ion Ionescu de la Brad, nr. 61-63, et. 1, ap. 6, sector 1, Bucure?ti, Bucharest, Bucureşti


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