How to get a Romanian visa

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A visa is a document that allows the holder to show up at a Romanian border crossing point to request transit or temporary stay for a time period in Romania. In accordance with the provisions of OUG no. 194/2002 regarding foreigners’ conditions in Romania, republished, Romanian visa is granted by the diplomatic missions and consular offices.

Categories of foreigners that may submit applications for visa:

  • citizens of the state of residence;
  • foreigners who are domiciled or resident in the country where the diplomatic mission or consular office is and who provide proof of their legal status in that country;
  • persons in whose country of origin does not work a diplomatic mission or career consular office of the Romanian state;
  • foreigners who are temporarily, legally, within the state where the Romanian diplomatic mission or consular post is.

The listed persons may apply for a visa in the following ways:

  • personal or for a family member;
  • by a legally authorized person;
  • in case of an organized trip, by a travel agency accredited;
  • when traveling in groups, by authorized representative of the group.

Where should I apply for a visa?

Visa applications are submitted only to diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad.

The types of visas granted to Romania are:

1. The airport transit visa ' allows the entrance on the international airport and parking area to board the flight to the destination. Consultar tax: 60 EUR.

2. Transit visa ' allows the entrance on the Romanian territory, with the purpose of transit for a period not exceeding 5 days. Consultar tax: 60 EUR.

3. Short stay visa ' allows the entrance and stay in Romania for a period not exceeding 90 days within 6 months of the entry (or the date of first entry, if multiple visa) , for the purposes of the following activities: official governmental mission, tourism, business, private visit, transportation, participation in sport, cultural, scientific or academic activities. The right of residence for a short stay visa cannot be extended. Consultar tax: 60 EUR.

4. Long stay visa ' allows the entrance and stay in Romania for a period not exceeding 90 days to conduct the following activities: economic activities, professional activities, trade (investment) activities, religious or humanitarian activities, employment, education, family reunification or scientific research. Right of stay is 90 days but can be extended by request to the Romanian Immigration Office of the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform in Romania. Requests to extend the temporary stay right shall be submitted personally by applicants, with at least 30 days before the expiry of the term approved for residence, in the territorial formations of the Romanian Immigration Office at the place of residence. Overcoming the term draws aside the visa and must leave Romania. Consultar tax: 120 EUR.

The right of residence in Romania given to the foreigner through the short-stay visa may be extended. The purpose of foreign visitors who entered Romania on a short stay visa cannot be changed during its presence in Romania.

Long stay visa is granted only with the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform - Romanian Immigration Office. Long-stay visa allows foreigners to enter Romania to seek extension of temporary stay right and obtain a residence permit. This request is addressed to the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform - Romanian Immigration Office.

Any foreigner who wishes to request an entry visa in Romania must attach to the application form also a valid travel document accepted by the Romanian state, on which can be applied the visa and legal documents to prove the purpose of the journey, the period of stay, the means of support during his stay and the possibility to return home or continue traveling in another country after the stay in Romania.

I. The airport transit visa

Conditions: the existence of the State of destination visa and air ticket valid until the destination if the destination is the state of origin or another state for which the applicant is not required to have a visa to enter, will be accepted only the plane ticket available to the destination, provided that there is no other route stopover in countries where the visa applicant is required to enter or transit.

II. The transit visa

Conditions: the existence of the State of destination visa and travel tickets available to the destination, where the travel is made with a car, will present the driving license, the vehicle registration documents and the green paper where there are included identification data of the holder, the state of destination and the states of transit.

III. Short stay visa

The short term visa can be achieved under different circumstances, conditions and with different documents, depending on the purpose of the visit in Romania. There are seven types of purpose accepted for such a visa:

1. mission;

2. tourism;

3. visit;

4. business;

5. transport;

6. sport activities;

7. cultural, scientific, humanitarian activities, short term medical treatment or other activities that do not contradict Romanian Laws.

IV. Long stay visa

The long stay visa has to be obtained for the following activities:

1. economic activities;

2. professional activities;

3. commercial activities;

4. employment;

5. studies identified;

6. family reunification;

7. religious or humanitarian activities;

8. scientific research;

9. diplomatic visa and service visa;

10. other purposes.

There are different procedures for obtaining this visa, according to the specific activities mentioned above.

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