Does Romania have provision for Retiree Residency?

We are citizens of the USA.  Would like to officially retire in Romania. .


That is not true.  We are citizens of the USA and have retired to Romania and have a pensioner's visa.

Great to hear. .please tell me how u did that??

Why would you say no?

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I would have said no as well, simply because the Romanian Government does not issue retirement visas to anybody.  They may well permit retirees to enter the country and apply for a long stay visa.

The Romanian Government website describes all the possible ways to enter the country; this link will take you straight there; you'll see that the word "Retire" is not a feature of the Romanian immigration system.

Be interested to know how you got a retirement visa though, it would definitely help others looking to do the same thing.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Asking me that question  does not help.
Have lived here 26 yrs n still see no provision for any 'retiree' Visa. Much  different from being a retired n having  'some type ' of renewable  Visa???
I am 'officially retired also.  So far that does not help with my  visas here..
22 or 23 since Jan of 95.
I have found  a secret provision  the government has kept well hidden..or?

..NOT 'I'; but ?U?

In Romania, they have a status called self supporting or something like that. Basically it means being able to prove that you have the means to support yourself (and family) to a level equivalent to the minimum wage there. This would cover anyone on a pension from the US or UK.

Sounds interesting. Do u have any posted reference 4 this? And tanx.

There is good information online about this. Just Google "residency requirements Romania" and you should have all the information you need. However, this is the basis on which I am relocating so I know that it is accurate.  There will obviously be further requirements for non EU citizens.