Hi I'm Indonesian girl married to Romania man 7 months ago after 3 years in relationships.
We married in Jakarta st. Thomas Orthodox Church after i got baptized and convert to orthodox.
It's a Legal Marriage!
We already registered our marriage in both country so we have two marriage certificate.
We registered the marriage in Romania with help from lawyer in there because I can't get visa to come there and take care of the papers.
I prepared all of the legalizations of papers from notary, ministry of law, foreign affairs and Romania embassy which are needed for registration.
So far there was no serious problem in registering the marriage. Only few things like Romania Civilization Office a little bit confused about how to write my name and I should send them a statement about my name.

Everything has been done and my husband sent it by DHL so I can apply for visa.
On 14 May 2018 I applied online n have an interview on 16 May 2018 (kinda fast respon for me).
But I rescheduled it to 18 May 2018 due to invitation letter legalize by the notary that my husband sent by DHL hasn't arrived yet.

The interview was less question. The consular only asked few simple questions about if I ever go abroad before and I said no, never. I gave him 2 brinds copy of documents and original documents such :
Travel insurance for a year with $100,000 medical coverage, valid travel documents till 2022, photograp, criminal record from the highest police office department in Indonesia, marriage certificate from Romania and invitation from my husband which's legalized by the notary in his country.

Everything was so sure until I get the text from embassy on 15 June 2018 last week, it said :
“Your visa application was rejected. Please come to pick your passport”
Hmmm... what a devastated day in the week of holiday. My position was in Bandung n I should find a ticket to bring me to Jakarta. And I can't stop thinking what's the reason till they refused my visa.

So yesterday on 18 June 2018, I came to the embassy at 09.30. The employee who usually welcome me asked me how am I and I said I'm not really good and he asked me why... i said.. your embassy rejected my visa. And he was really surprised. He looked for my passport and refusement letter.

Me and him were surprised about the reason why my visa has been rejected. It was unexpected. The reason is :
You have been irrevocably condemned for crimes committed abroad that are incompatible with the purpose for which are requesting a visa”

Suddenly I felt stuck!
What the most nonsense reason I don't expected!
I told him I never go abroad before not even Asia area. I never out from my country how can they write such cruel thing about me???
What did they write there is really cruel n risky for me to apply visa to Europe in the future.
I never did crime the criminal record proved it so!

So this employee offered me to talk with The consular in there to explain this nonsense things.
I talked to him and explain about this!
And he said... he can't explain much that's what he got from Bucharest.
I asked him what kind of crime did I do till your immigration condemned me like this?
He said he didn't know and he gave me advice to ask my husband to go to immigration police office in my husband hometown in Craiova, to explain about this.
I also asked if I can apply visa again or reapply?
And he said it depend on what will the immigration said. He gave me two clues : perhaps it because my refusement visa on 2 January by French... he thought maybe the immigration asked why did they refuse and they said I have did crime in Europe.
I told him, the refusement was because Insufficient money! That was written in the refusement letter! I still have it with me. Also I was planing to go there only 7-10 days for new year holiday!I never go abroad before as u can see this is my passport my only passport nothing in there!
And he started like (I don't know I feel like it was such another excuse)
He asked, then how did u register the marriage if u never go to Romania?
I said, omg sir... I told you since I came here almost every week to legalize my papers. I told u it was for registering the marriage! I used lawyer in there... even he ever called you! i prepared the documents from here because i can't go there, i required invitation from immigration for visit visa. The immigration refused it twice! So what can i do if i don't use the lawyer???
And he said.. ahh I see.. so tell the immigration like that. I can't explain much...That's what I get from Bucharest. Your husband should go to immigration police office in craiova.
I said, ok.

And then I leave.

I read the refusement letter over n over again...
I was thinking this is unfair, this is violation to human right!
How can you put that cruel reason and condemned me about crime that I never did!
This reason could impact so bad in the future.

So I decided to contact the agency that took care of my French visa on January. He was really surprised and he said probably there's a person who has same name with you and he said to me that my French visa was refused because insufficient money not CRIME! Impossible embassy here will said so. U have the refusement letter with you.

I was really upset and decided to contact by email my embassy in Bucharest, maybe they can give me some advice or information about maybe there's has similar name with me and have problem in there and They haven't reply yet.

Also I contacted the ministry of law and human right in here to tell them about this. I really really feel this is the most cruel accusing. And they let me to come to the nationality section to discuss about this next week because this week Is still holiday of Muslim.

Also my husband will go to immigration office in his home town after he's back from Eindhoven Netherlands next week.

Well I won't stay quiet If they don't want to take back this kind of accusing. This is really terrible and It will impact to my future life and marriage.

I only shared this as an experience not my intention to blame every organization which has caused this. As human... I want to make it fair to clean my name!

I am sory for your terrible experience! I hope your husband will manage it and be able to bring you here in Romania!

Hi cheska! 😊 Yes that would be nice to be there with my family. Hmm...
if they can't give me visa, I really hope my husband could make them consider to change the reason of refusement after appeal. Today my father in law want to go to immigration to just ask about this. My husband's family were also upset about the reason.

The best way to get that information is to do an Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) request to the Government of Romania If done properly, this request will give you copies of the actual file materials and a glimpse into the officer's detailed “internal” reasons for refusing your application. Armed with this knowledge, you are going to be much more likely to have success on your next application.

Last way is to sue them if you think  your past is clear ( as you aforementioned you have given them Police Clearance Certificate PCC ).

Hello! Thank you for the advice. I will consider to do that when this ain't bring me nowhere.

Well anyway my father in law (my hero!!!) could reach the immigration in craiova and they said they hv no clue about this and tell my father in law to go to inspectorate general immigration in Bucharest.

But... Thanks God! It's our lucky day!
When he's about to leave they called him and told him someone from inspectorate in Bucharest is in there and they manage to talk about this.


We get the explaination from him!
That it happened because my application has not been sent to immigration in craiova to be reviewed.
Usually the application goes from the embassy in origin country to MAE (inspectorate in Bucharest) and then send to the local city immigration.

But someone (it's employee) in there didn't send it to immigration in craiova and just simply marked the point of 10 about Committed Crimes Abroad and send the application back to the embassy in jakarta.

Soooo irresponsible n irritating!

And now they will open my application again and review it!

Hope in this second chance they will do it correctly and give me the visa!


How stupid they are I can't imagine that Embassy could do that but anyway good to hear  that they are considering your file again and I wish you get your Visa asap.

Yes. I'm praying for the best 🙏

Haha it's really irresponsible.
U could be lazy at work but you couldn't be brainless.

One of my colleague got her visa simply without register marriage in Romania. If I'm not wrong, also she didn't buy any travel insurance to apply visa.
Now i know why it was easy for her..
It's because her husband stays in Bucharest and it's not hard for the immigration to review n survey her application.

But for the application that need to be reviewed by another local city immigration office.. They are just to lazy to send it there.

Yes being there is make a big difference.

This is SHOCKING !!!!

Thanks for sharing your experience.

My wife is a Romanian citizen and I just submitted  my papers for D/VF visa 2 days ago. (27/6/18).I was reading through your post and it's almost the exact situations I have been through in the last few months (except for the visa rejection). Although it is freakish but your post helps me prepare for any uncertainties in the future. Also I see the time frame is around 30 days from submission till decision so I will wait it out for a month. My wife lives in Bucharest so there are hopes that it might be faster. But her hometown is timisoara. :)

Wish you all the best on this application.

Hallo Shandi! Best luck for you :)
if your wife is in Bucharest it will be easier for them to review your visa application.
One of my colleague made it because her husband is in Bucharest.

I shocked too when I saw this website there's a man from Pakistan who married to Romanian woman.
They tried to apply visa more than 2 times i guess... and the embassy kept reject it due to inconvenience marriage though they already registered it in Romania. His wife was preganant n he can't accompany till she gave birth.

When I read that I was like... Wow ..
And I have a bad feeling about my visa application after that.
I was like wow there's always posibility to get rejection :

So ... My husband and my father in law already went to Bucharest.
They were really upset about this.

At the first The Inspectorate General Immigration Bucharest didn't make apologize about it. They claimed they get that criminal information from the other country.
But my husband asked for the prove and told them this is obstruct marriage reunification also this kind of rejection reason made my wife will hard to get visa from another country also my wife went to international police, ministry of law and contacted her embassy in bucharest to asked about this.

In the end after long debate they made apologize about marking that criminal reason.
Also they said... they already sent document to immigration in craiova and they reviewed it also visit to my husband's address in craiova and asked to the neighbour if my husband lives in there or not.
And the neighbour said they don't know they usually only see my husband's brother in there.
And that's the real reason why they rejected it and they apologize about marking that horror reason.

Well my husband is a driver. he is not always at home...
Sometimes in Nethderland for a week, sometimes in Germany. He ever drove to French and England too.
Also his family has farm and field in Maglavit.
That's why they rarely stay in Craiova and only his brother who most of time stays in there because he is working as a police. Even his wife most of time is staying with my parents in law in Maglavit.

Ahh i don't know which one is true. They kept change the resaon. hmmm...
But nah after that we find out the immigration in craiova didn't admit it two weeks ago when my father in law went there...
they said they don't receive my applicaton.

so weird.

So this inspectorate general immigration in bucharest asked me to re-apply the application. And they will review it again.

I haven't apply again because I was still shock and will apply again today.
Wish me luck and could reunite with my husband.

It's almost 8 months and I couldn't meet him or his family. So depressing... :(
We have so many plans that has been delayed also about wedding reception etc.
My life turned into very stress chapter.

I wish God could help me.

hi there i am from philippines and i am following your story nd i get a lot of lessons to learn there... such a brave girl you are... really goodluck ... im following everyones experience here for my future application for visiting my romanian bf soon by next yr 2019 .thanks

Hello Karina!
Nice to know you :)

You are the second philippine cutie that contact me here..
seems like Romanian men are doing invasion to Asia :P

I wish u have a good luck Karina, hope the embassy in philipine is as nice as the embassy in here.
(They're actually nice but can't do much because the decision haha always will come from MAE Bucharest)

I've ever try to visit my husband's family before get married just to get to know them...
But to apply visit visa... It requires invitation letter from Immigration Office at my husband's hometown (Craiova).
He tried to make it twice... They refused it (the invitation) first because they were afraid that I was muslim and my country has terorist issue (LOL so funny)
So in the second time... my father in law tried to make it but they refused again because... they're afraid I'll get married in there.
They even came to my husband's house in Craiova and brought the rejection also gave advice to my brother in law ( he was the one who was staying there), they said...
Better me and my husband get married in my country hahaha and then I can come to Romania.

And now... after married, they are still playing with us.
hmm :)

Hope the policy of the embassy of Romania in philippine is easier for visit visa. So you can visit your bf and his family :) without invitation letter publish by the immigration of his hometown :).
or probably only require invitation letter which legalize by the notary.

hi there strong girl and smart girl also shall i say... first of all i wish for your prayer to visit Romania soon be granted..honestly my bf is from craiova also and im quite nervous hehehehe this is all new to me and thats why im here and getting info as much as i can. yeah i am hoping and i think so that people in our embassy will show much humanity reasons here and all of us who wished to be with our loveone will come true .., u make me laugh when u say romanian are trying to invade asian girls hehehehe ( yeah i agree i guess hehehehe)... i wished and i hope it will be easy for me soon... were planning to get married there when i visit. God bless to Us and Much luck too.. i appreciate your reply to me strong girl.... so beside my bf personal invitation, immigration from craiova should give me invitation too? hope to be answered too. thanks😊

Hehe hi again Karina!

Well literally the invitation is only one either from bf with legalization notary or from immigration.

When I tried to make visit visa they asked from immigration one.
But after married they only asked invitation legalize by the notary perhaps because We already registered the marriage in Romania.

I met also Romanian woman when I visited the embassy. She surprised  why did after married I still need to make invitation?
Because based on rule in there... we don't need it after married.
So this woman married Indonesian man. And her sister in law married Romanian man.
And she said also my sister in law didn't need that when she made the reunification visa.

Tbh I already knew we don't need invitation before that woman told me.
Because It's in their website!
That Indonesia citizen who married to Romania citizen didn't need the invitation letter.

But haha.. Yeah!
That's the romania consulate style..
Sometimes this sometimes that..
So inconsistent.

I'm tired of having a business w them..

hi beautiful ... be positive thats all we can do for now... i wish u the best and thank u for answering my queries. have a wonderful day of us all here

Have a wonderful day Karina :)


We canceled to go to Romania. After what happened...
We didn't want to apply to Romania.
Though the immigration from MAE apologized of what happened n asked us to reapply again, the residence permit will be hard to get.
And another bug is Romania Embassy were closed after 18th July.
If I want to apply visa, I should go to Malaysia (the nearest embassy)

My husband n I already disappointed to Romania and don't want to complicate ourselves again.
So, my husband decided to relocate his work to Germany.
Since July 2018, we plan everything for Germany visa. Also I learnt the language and took the test in order to get certificate.
Actually the language is unecessary because I have Bachelor Degree and my husband is EU Citizen. But we kinda have a trauma of being rejected so we complete everything.

With Germany, everything is so simple.
I applied visa at 17th September and took my visa on 19th September.
Yap! Only in 2 days I get my national visa for family reunification in Germany.

#CASE CLOSED# guys... I move to Germany thread :):par: