Accommodation in Timisoara

Accommodation in Timisoara
Updated 2020-03-05 07:49

Also named the City of Roses, Timisoara is an urban adventure, a popular destination for both people living in other smaller cities and also for expats. The city is generous in terms of infrastructure and cultural life, and also for the types of housing, you can find here.

Types of accommodation in Timisoara

Timisoara is the city with one of the best standards of living and also the best job offerings. While in the centre of the town there are many historical buildings, in the rest of the city, you will find blocks of apartments, as well as beautiful houses and villas you can share with your friends. 

Good to know:

The cost of living in Timisoara can be quite low, despite the fact that Timisoara is a large city, in continuous development. Expats can find accommodation for any type of budget, from very high demands housing to more modest ones. 

How to find accommodation in Timisoara

There are lots of online portals with renting offers you can find in Timisoara. If you want to make sure you will find the perfect accommodation, you can ask a real estate agency to find the house you want. But keep in mind, you will have to pay for this service, around half of the rent for a month. 

The most popular neighbourhoods in Timisoara

There are 44 neighbourhoods in Timisoara, from which several are the most popular ones. For instance, Fabric, Cetate, and Iosefin are the ones that will appear on everyone's map.

Fabric is the city's most popular neighbourhood, and also the area where you will find most of the ancient buildings. It is also the most common one for middle-class residentials. 

Cetate, on the other hand, is in the city centre, and also the cultural, administrative and political centre. Most expats want to live here, as this area has the most numerous facilities. 

Finally, Losefin is in the South-East of Timisoara, and it considered the city's rural part. It includes some ancient buildings, as well as other accommodation options like blocks of apartments or villas. 

 Good to know: 

The transport in Timisoara is well developed, and you will find trams and buses running all around the city. The public transportation in Timisoara is more than decent, as the ticket prices are around 0,5 euros or 20 euros for unlimited travel for a month. 

Timisoara is also one of the cities in Romania where bicycle riding is everywhere. People are encouraged to take their bikes on the special bike tracks that are present all around the city. 

Rent prices in Timisoara

Although Timisoara is one of the biggest cities in Romania and has a flourishing economy, the city is not that expensive like Bucharest or Cluj Napoca

Here are some examples of rents for expats to understand the prices they will meet in Timisoara. For instance, the monthly rent for 85 m2 in an expensive area is around 450 euros, while in the normal area, the same flat is 300 euros. 

The monthly rent for a 45 m² furnished studio, in an expensive area, is 300 euros, while in a normal area, it is 200 euros. 

Lease conditions and procedures in Timisoara

The lease conditions in Timisoara are the same as in all the rest of the country. Basically, the tenant will sign a renting contract with the owner of the house or the apartment. You will establish the date of the rent, the amount of money and also the way you are going to make the payment. Generally, in Romania, owners of estates will prefer to pay the rent in lei and in cash.

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