Please help with correct NOC information.

Hello friends,
I am a British lady on my own work visa and my husband is with another employer on his own visa with our two young children on his visa. I will finish my 2 year contract with current employer next month. I wish to resign due to various flaws and discrepancies within the organisation. My questions are
1. Will I be able to finish my contract here and join my husband on family visa?

2. What do I need from my current employer to be able to do that?

3. Can current employer put a note on my transfer to family visa saying no employment?

4. If in few months if I do wish to rejoin another company from family visa and my husband's employer does not have any objection is it possible?

5. Some of you might say it won't be possible but I know of some ladies who have gone on family visa and then acquired employment in few months or even straight away. This is in spite previous employer had said they won't be able to work again for 2years. Is this possible?

6. Nowhere in my current contract have I signed that company will not give NOC and I have heard people say if your contract doesn't say it is arguable.

I would really appreciate someone helping me get a clearer picture as I cannot stay out of work but cannot be working where I feel humiliated and disrespected completely.

Hi BritexpatOM,

Since you are an employee and would be resigning your job / not renewing your employment contract, the same rules that apply to all expat employees who quit their jobs would apply to you too.

The NOC from your last employer would be mandatory for you to join your husband on family joining visa (provided your husband's employer has no objection to providing your husband with the 'family status').

Regarding your third query, there is no need for your last employer to put any "note" since if you are going to join your husband on 'family joining visa', you are not permitted to be employed by the law of the land. Staying on family visa and being gainfully employed is illegal.

You can join work after being on family joining visa, but your visa must have to be changed from 'family joining' to 'employment'.

Well, regarding your fifth query, no manpower or employment rule in the Sultanate is carved on stone. There are always exceptions to the rules and many a time, one sees that the employment rules quite often get bent, twisted, and sometimes even broken. Anything is possible for the right people having the right connections at the right places.

About your last query, the decision of giving or not giving an employee the NOC rests entirely and solely with the employer / sponsor. An employee has zero say in that matter. That's why the employee is at the mercy of the employer / sponsor while requesting for their NOC.

Thank you sir,
Yes husband's company will have no issue in giving family status visa. After which maybe in a few months down the line I might wish to rejoin employment in another organisation so I would again need my husband's company to grant me an NOc is taht correct ? Or would I need for my last employer to again give me an NOC to work?

Hi BritexpatOM,

Only an employee requires the NOC, not a housewife.

And the NOC is given only once by an employer to the same employee.

So if I join husband back on family visa and then a new employer applies for my visa will they or ministry still need to go to my previous employer to employ me? I am confused sorry too many questions as to be honest no one has so far given me a clear picture.

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