Non-Citizen:Renewing of Passport in Mauritius

Does anyone here from a foreign country but have been living here for awhile now? I just would like to know how to renew my passport and change surname into my husband family name. I got married since last year and I didnt change name because there was no time to do that due to an approaching flight plus the formalities takes time in my country. On top of that all my documents are on my single status name including my passport.


You will have to go to the consular office of your Embassy since the Mauritian authority can't do that for you as you are not a Mauritian citizen.

Suggest you to visit embassy of passport issuing country in Mauritius to get the passport renew.

You can also apply for modification in passport for change of surname etc., with supportive documents like marriage certificate to prove reason for change name/surname in passport.

Embassy counsellor will advise you more correctly.

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