Contract term/clause about Visa

Dear friends,

I from India and I have received good job offer in Muscat and planning to relocate me and my family (wife and two kids) there soon. In the contract it is mentioned that "you will be provided Oman visa and family visa (for spouse & kids)"

I want to know whether this statement is good enough to confirm that me & my family members will be receiving Oman resident cards? I'm curiously asking because I want to make sure kids can join schools when resident cards are issued to us as it will be mandatory right.

when I asked employer they are saying not to worry and they mention like this in the offer for everyone. Kindly advise me on this regards whether to ask them to mention "Resident cards" in the offer or this is ok?

HI Karim99,

As mentioned in your post, the mention "family visa (for spouse & kids)" is more than enough.

For the family joining visa holders (adults), the resident card is needed, and so would be provided as proof.

Thanks Sumitran bro for your valuable feedback.
I was really thinking you will have sure answer for my query and so u did :)

Family joining visa is same as holding resident cards for my wife & kids?

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