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what is your opinion about travel? do you spend your money on travel all over the world?

Yes, i love travelling but it does not mean i spend all my money on travelling. I try to allocate budget and see the different countries.
I have travelled all over the continent except Australia.
Have you been to Far east: Thailand, Singapore  etc.

Are you a tourist in Iran?

dianamiller :

do you spend your money on travel all over the world?

Pretty much.  It's the top priority in our life.

I travelled a lot when I was young and adventurous.
But after a while I noticed that, by just visiting countries, I merely scratch the surface and never gain a real understanding of the places I saw.
So I started living and working in various countries.
Since this is so much preferable, I more or less stopped travelling (except on business trips). You need at least a year to get a basic idea of how a place works and how its people think.
I lived in 6 countries for at least a year, many more were visited for shorter durations.
Now, being older and having a family, I settled in one and stopped moving around.

Used to travel a lot - both business and personal.   

Literally, it used to be 3-4 international business trips a month and then I used to travel for holiday as well.  It was literally crazy but the benefit was that since I had reached the top most tier for most airline and hotel programs with crazy miles accumulation, my holidays used to be almost free.  I had an almost instant induction in the Emirates Skywards Platinum tier the moment it came out and would renew it quite easily in much less than a year - to give you an idea how much I travelled.

Nowadays, I don't fly as much.  From the 50 odd flights a year, I am now down to a more reasonable, but still respectable 10-12.  Roughly 60% is business travel and 40% is personal.  I do spend quite a lot of money on travel as when I am on holiday, after many years working in the corporate grind, I do want to relax without any hassle so that generally means business class / 5 star hotels on even personal travel.  Plus am a bit spoiled after having travelled business / first on the corporate dollar for the last decade or so :)

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to live and work in many countries and as beppi mentioned, I picked up the real flavour of the place after living there which was not apparent to me during my many visits.

i love travelling and i have lived in different countries to know people and culture there. lived in 6 coutries. i love to explore different countries closely. i work, earn and spend on travelling. the journey is still continue.

My opinion is very positive - espcially since I deal with Language Travel  :)

and Yes, this is a great way both to explore the world, and to learn a new language, that you can yese for years afterwards ....

Do you have favourite destinations ?

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