Need assistance in getting release from my company

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I am new here &  sorry to say i don't know  how to start this forum but i need someones assistance on below my case:

My name is Saqlain Shah I am from Pakistan came to Saudi Arabia on my own Visa & working here in Jeddah since 23  as Operation Coordinator, My agreement with my company was " Open Agreement" for 2 years  which was supposed to end on 9th April.

I resigned from my job a month before with prior notice  , also handover my my report to concern team dully signed from sales team .

Now my Company is asking they will not give me release they will only send me on final exit because there is a rule in KSA that you cannot join any  company competitor after resigning from one company  for time period of two year and also i have to pay fine which labor court will impose on me because i am  resigning before agreement but my agreement is "open" not "fixed"  ,  as per agreement in am not willing to continue any more, More over i found another another offer which is much better than current one .

My new sponsor already sent a sponsorship transfer request to my current company and they are very angry on me no one is willing to entertain me no one is replying on my resignation email no one from our HR is accepting my handover report they are only insisting me to agree for the final exit / they will only send me exit they will not release me.

Need really kind support & expertise of someone.

Look practically speaking, if a sponsor is not giving you transfer, in most cases there is absolutely nothing you can do except take a final exit and come back on a new work visa.  In the minority of cases e.g. if the sponsor is in red on Saudization and new company is in platinum, they didn't get you Iqama etc etc, you can transfer.

The alternative is to get a labor lawyer and try to fight it on the basis of your contract.  But the outcome is not guaranteed.

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