Hajj terminal-can we meet our relatives?

Aslam Walkum,

Today my mom & dad are coming to perform Hajj (Hajj Terminal Jeddah), can we go and meet them in airport (Hajj Terminal) since till 2nd sep i cant meet them.
Little urgent need your views friends.


Well you cannot meet them on Hajj terminal as expats are not allowed inside to receive some one !
Only one expat is allowed when dropping off passengers who is departing from hajj terminal .
If they are coming from Saudi airlines then you can go and meet them on Saudi airlines Terminal.
If they are coming from other airlines then they will be arriving on hajj terminal or international terminal.
You can go there at hajj terminal before the check point people park their cars on right side and left side and wait their if you can get in contact with them you can say that i am standing outside near check point so that you can meet them when their bus comes out from there. Stop the bus and meet for few minutes.
If they are getting out from International North terminal then its nearby from there you can go to North Terminal and meet them easily there.

Asalam Walkum brother,

Thanks for wonderful information. actually they are coming by Air-India, hope they are coming to North.


Be in their contact so that you will know from which terminal they will be coming out

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