Attest degree from Malaysia to work in Saudi Arabia


I am currently living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
I have done my undergraduate from the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.
Is there any way to get my degree attested from Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission and Saudi Embassy without having to travel myself. E.g. through an agent?
Is there a possibility of getting my degree attested from UK instead, as my university is a British institution and my degree does not mention anything related to Malaysia. My degree came from the UK campus.




Did you manage to get your degree attested?

I studied in the same place but the cultural mission in the uk did not want to attest it coz its the malaysian campus whereas the mission in malaysia didnt want to coz its a foreign degree.

Don't know about agents, I've done it all by myself, you need 5 steps (5 stamps) to get your degree attested

1- Ministry of high Education (Putrajaya)
2- Ministry of Foreigner affairs (Putrajaya)
3- Saudi Arabia cultural mission - Academic affairs (KL)
4- Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia (KL)
5- Ministry of Education (Saudi Arabia)

I've skipped the 4th step and went back to KSA, Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia declined to get it attested cause my certificates were not attested by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia (4th step), so I asked a friend who lives in Malaysia to do it for me instead of me flying there all over again, took him 2 weeks to finish it (3 days sending my certificates there thru SMSA)

These images are my certificates with the stamps

Your case would be straightforward coz MMU is considered a Malaysian university. University of Nottingham, Reading, Herriot Watt would all have a problem coz the cultural mission would say its foreign.

how much money it cost you to attested?????

The Saudi Cultural Mission doesn't charge anything but the stamp from Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and Foreign Affairs will cost you. Sorry but I don't remember the rate per page.

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