Divorce for expat in Saudi Arabia

I just want to know if it's possible for an expat to process a divorce here in Saudi Arabia? Thanks

Yes it is possible through court

Thank you for your reply.
Do you have an idea on how to process it here?

think about it before making final decision. Divorce is a painful process for partners and for children. Being in a foreign country makes it more painful. If you can, take advise from marriage consular.

About the court, well you go there and file for divorce. It is called Ahwal Shaksiya and it is court for marriage and divorce. Here are google coordinates.
1°31'00.0"N 39°12'06.2"E
21.516675, 39.201707,

Are they processing also a non muslim? Because I am a Christian my friend.

By the way I am separated for more than 10 years, I just want it to be legal that's why I am seeking for divorce.

Let me ask you first why you want to get the divorce, anyhow you can go to court and take an appointment for divorce

@Rhandee, I notice that you are from Philippines.  You should be aware that the divorce you get in Saudi might not be valid in your country.   Especially if your spouse is also from the Philippines.

Hi can anyone help me with my problem i am an expat nurse here in saudi and I'm married to egyptian man i want to divorce him because he is cheating on me i forgive him several times with the same issue but now i gave up because it really hurts before we get married i told him already and we agreed that he can't have another wife unless he will divorce me but he is too much already he keep on cheating on me and i want to end up our marriage and set him free he doesn't give me money and i even give him share with  groceries and other needs although its not an issue to me even though he doesn't give me money and can't provide what i need  the thing is i can't accept that he is cheating on me over and over again 😔 i give up already because it hurts too much. 😭

You are from which country?

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