Good standing certificate from Saudi Council

Hii.. I am ashna, now residing in qatar.. I had worked in saudi arabia under moh one year before, now i am seeking a job in qatar and in need of good standing certificate. But my mumariz account is blocked and i cannot login to apply for good standing certificate.. Really helpless.. Wat can i do

With in how many days you got the certificate after apllying thru mumaris plus??

How many days it had taken

Hi Annete. How were you able to get a good standing from saudi council? My account has a problem and I cannot get one. Thanks.

Hi. Do you know if we can get good standing directly from their office? My account has a problem too so I cannot get thru online.

I called them and they helped me to retrieve my mumaris account. From the account i applied for good standing. Its being 3 days passed, no certificates came to my mail. So sad. My registration card hadnt expired yet thats y there is not much problem for remaking my account.

What number did you call?


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Hi can you hell me, how to get or request good standing from saudi to Australia?is it the same process while thos time usong tawasul?

Helpline ksa nurse (search in Facebook) he will help you

hi.. please contact ma'am sheena christine oclarit thru her Fb. she is a Filipina. she can help you regarding Saudi council. she help me too.

Hi sir. I got my good standing certificate but the date issued is jn 01 0001. How can i cange it to the current date? Tnx. I nadly need to fix it.

How come it was blocked?  If you remember your email address.but u forgot ur pasword. U can just click forgot password.
But for blocked email. I dont know how. By the d way.. are u filipino?

I'm having a problem trying to log in with my mumaris account. I believe the last time I used it was back in 2016. Now, I'm trying to log in to mumaris plus because I want request for good standing but I can not access my mumaris anymore. It is showing "Invalid login attempt. Please enter the correct email or password" But I am sure that my email address only I used before.

Please help! I really need to secure good standing.

Hi! I have same issue, I can not log in with my mumaris. Did you retrieve your account? How? Please help. Did you request for COGS?

hello datini!

Were you able to retrieve your mumaris account? I have same issue. I can not log in my account. my license expired already.

So what happened to your query? Did you manage to obtain a valid cogs? If so, how long long did it take?

Hi, did you able to get the right one? how?
I have the same problem.

Hi, did you able to get the right one? how?

I am having problem with good standing. My license expired last 2012. I open new account thru mumaris still pending classification. I paid already for 300 riyals. I applied last Aug 21, 2019 still waiting for the classification so I can apply for good standing.

Hi, is it possible to get a good standing certificate when you're already in the Philippines even if your card is already expired? Thanks.

How did u get one? Me i requested thru mumaris plus and since im outside riyadh i asked my friend to pay for me.she paid thru samba atm then she screen shot then sent me the pic that she paid but there is no update or email sent to me.
Please help me i need it for dataflow for qatar.

Hi all
I've got a COGS from SCFHS but the problem is that this certificate needs to be sent from SCFHS email to another dental council overseas. I tried to send a ticket through TWASUL but there was no response. So please share your similar experience and tell me what to do. Thanks


Were you able to secure your COGS from saudi? I’ve got the same issue, my license expired 2016 and now I needed to get COGS but not allowed for that reason.

hi, i need to get certificate of good standing from KSA for AHPRA . my licence expired in 2016. KINDLY GUIDE ME HOW TO GET IT.


Hi! i have the same problem, did you get your certificate already?

did you get your cogs ?

no need to new registration we will recover ur old mumaris id password  thow saudi council contact ***

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For Saudi Council Renewal,Dataflow ,Registration, Old Mumari's ID Password Recovery ,GOOD STANDING CERTIFICATE From Saudi Council and pcc  whatsApp On ***

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Hello did you already secure you certificate of good standing from saudi? Can you please share how coz i have same problem as yours.

Helo how did you secure your certificate of good standing? Please help

Hello what number you have to call i tried their number on the upper right but it is closed

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