Approved - Pending Employee Transfer Completion

PLS TELL ME WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS IN QIWA . Approved - Pending Employee Transfer Completion

Where does it shows in "Job contract" tab or "Employee Transfer"

DEAR SIR IT SHOW IN Job contract .


Same issue happened for somany peoples

Meaning of this please?

Meaning of this please?

- @flormarkmillan
The status "approved - pending employee transfer completion" is the statement normally shown in Qiwa job contract when the employee online transfer request is pending with current employer approval.

@mansoorahmed12314u this status showing in job contract option so you ask your new employer complete the transfer process

This message shown

@umerwarraich0 i have this problem can you share your number to ask about that

@umerwarraich0 same problem

I have this same.. approved pending employee transfer completion.

And I have the status on qiwa.

1.under pending trasfer....pending notice period -90days.

2. Current work permit will expire 85 days....

But My current employer qiwa contract upto 2025 may ....

Does anyone have any answer of this ....

@Kettapaya i was have this problem  i reduce the 90 days period from my sponser and now Remaining days only 1  Tommorrow time period will finish and icl can take a transfer  Easily

How did uu reduce the notice period.

Current employer only reduce the notice i right...if have any other information let me know.

@RedTrumpet@RedTrumpet on my case I have this same pending employee transfer completion not a employer.

also showing notice period starts from 90 days.

Expire of work permit on perticular date.

Transfer date on 2024....




What happened after this status, because I have same issue this time

What means by Approved- pending employee transfer completion.

And what will be next process? Please Guide


In this case Approved pending employee transfer completion. No approval required from current employer. Please Guide, new employer can proceed for transfer