Pending Completing transfer in absher by new employer

Hi everyone ,
I'm also a concerned expat stuck since long time with the status "Pending Completing transfer in absher by new employer" whereas the new employer cannot see my details in absher. What's the procedure? Did it solve for anyone? Kindly explain to me what I can do in this situation as my old employer is threatening to give exit or huroob. Kindly help me out.


only the new employer can complete the absher transfer. Let them know what old employer is threatening and you can visit a labor dept office near you to inquire. Since march, you are free to transfer to new company but you do have some period to allow the transfer to occur. Labor Dept should be able to check or help you out. If worse comes to worse, I would exit and inform employer to send you a new visa to return.  The process of transfer is fairly simple now a days and all electronic. Unless the employer is blacklisted may have troubles to resolve with government before they allow the transfer. Its a possibility. So be more proactive and check with labor dept and get their advise.

I accepted the offer in qiwa and it shows the same message "Pending Completing transfer in absher by new employer". Does that mean the current employer's approval isn't required anymore?

Bilal_Saghir wrote:

I accepted the offer in qiwa and it shows the same message "Pending Completing transfer in absher by new employer". Does that mean the current employer's approval isn't required anymore?

Who said that?
You still need permission/clearance from the current employer.
Have you told him?

Hi, can you help me with this.. My case is My employer paid the absher for 2,000 sar, but still the status in my qiwa is PENDING COMPLETION ABSHER BY NEW EMPLOYER, they paid it thru atm machine last thursday around 4pm is it he reason why till now the status not changed? I checked my absher theres 2,000 fund in passport.. maybe thats the employer paid of? but why I cannot see any changes in in my status?.. please help.. or maybe my new employer put the money in the wrong places??

It means your current employer still not approved your transfer.

I see, Thank you so much..

Dear Brother ,

is this solved for u

I too face the same issue

my new employer saying there is no request in absher

kindly guide me

or please share your number pl

Guys i am having the same issue by last sunday. Before two days it was showing that currently absher system is not working and today once my new employer trying to transfer my sponsorship but this time the problem is "insuffient funds for transfer"  even though my company paid the transfer amount and its showing in my passport deposits. But Alhamdolilah my information is showing in my new employer absher.

Kindly help if someone facing the same issue.

Same issue with me I am facing from Thursday.
New Employer said on Thursday that no information in there system regarding me.
Yesterday I checked transfer fees paid by New Employer and its showing in passport deposit.
But I don't know they got my information in their system or no.
WhatsApp me and we can discuss more

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Pending Completing Transfer In Absher by New Employer is case where request is approved by current sponsor and goes to Ministry of Labour for checking and approval, this can be viewed by both current employer and new employer in there request status report, as i am facing the same problem but i dont know how much time Ministry of labor will take as eid ul adha holidays already started. Once ministry of labor will approve it only the new employer can see it in his list to pay and proceed for final step of transfer. after which one week later you can receive new iqama with new sponsor name on it from your HR.

Is your current employer approved for the qiwa transfer & accepted in his system bro

my current contract ends on 28th Aug 2021 .  i left KSA on Feb 2019 for 1 month vacation but due to Covid was stuck in India .  I return back to KSA via Bahrain on May 2021 ( after 14 months ) While in Bahrain for 14 days  i got better opportunity / offer from any other company in Saudi , So after arriving KSA i informed my current employee and submitted resignation end of May 2021 thinking that company will release me considering fact that i was out of work for 14 months without salary.
New company send me contract via QIWA on 13th July and i accepted contract now its with old sponsor for approval . In worse scenario if the old sponsor does not approve what option i have to transfer visa to new company .  Please note since i arrived Saudi in May 2021 i have no source of income as my current company did not paid me since i resigned and for last 3 months i am without any income . Need your help and guidance on this

Hi bro is there anything showing like Pending for notice period completion that !!

If it is showing like that & tell me how many days it is showing !!

Two weeks back I transferred to new Employer.
I received another offer letter can I transfer it again to another employer ?

once you finished complete transfer you can not because now you are in contract and company already paid for your transfer, only condition you are on probation period if it is mentioned in your contract and your pay the same amount or return the amount to new sponsor and he agreed for that, else you can not. DO NOT CONSIDER TRANSFER as a small thing now. Frequent transfers will be check and observed by government as well until you have valid reasons like salary not paid or sponsor is in red.

Already discuss with my current company they are okay for it if I paid the transfer amount. Is there will be any obligations from the govt.?

Can the new company put transfer Request

all covid cases are considered special cases, your company will be appreciated that they did not cancel your iqama and bring you back via bahrain. So if during covid company did not pay you specially when you went for vacation then benefits goes to your old company, you can negotiate with them for release if they release there is chances they will ask you to pay them for iqama extension and exit extensions fee. In your case its all depends on you that how you deal with current sponsor, you can ask them for a raise as offer your receive.

You have new offer which you accept , your will pay old sponsor what he is asking , new sponsor ready to accept you then there should not be any problem at all. but be noted all QIWA approvals will be done only after EID holidays.

company did not paid for my return to KSA via Bahrain . I came on my own expenses .

If your current sponsor agree for transfer then no any issue.

Hi, good day,
I will be transfering to new employer by august 1 since i signed and accept in qiwa. Now, notice period shows transfer date in sept. Can i transfer directly by august 1 or should i wait for notice period? Also i submitted resignation 2 months ago and rejected 7x. And if there is notice period, can my current employer issue exit visa?

*ive send email to our h.r but no reply. But my manager agreed to support me.

Ask HR is he going to pay salary till Sep by mail. Attached with QIWA notice period if he will say no then tell him to reduce notice period. All communication by email not verbal.

They have facility to reduce your notice period in QIWA

I have copy of my sent emails regarding my resignation and resignation they rejected. My concern is when can i get service money since they rejected my resignations for 2 months.  And im afraid that they will give exit visa.

And regarding transfer in absher, my new company will take care of it?

i think dont used the word resignation.,,instead use the word, termination of contract if you are iligible to terminate or if youre contract is already ended you can use the phrase you will not renew your contract.

As long as your new employer paid then check your ABSHER it will show you the new sponsor name, if  that happened then its done , means you've been transferred to your new employer and your status on QIWA doesn't concerned anymore just ignore it.

We have the same issue, now I read some article new employer can do process first iqama then after few days if the iqama finally attached that time he can do absher transfer company.

What's establishment file number
Any idea ?

I think you should transfer first iqama. After that absher.

We have the same problem bro.

aliafridi19 wrote:

What's establishment file number
Any idea ?

number which is mentioned on your Passport opposite to visa page on your arrival in arabic.
if you have changed your first employer then this number can be find on company registration certificate also knows as sajal tijariya

Sacrocie wrote:

I see, Thank you so much..

What was the problem? Can you explain coz I am having same issue.

What is “Approved - Pending Employee Transfer Completion” status? means

Hello I'd to ask ask about ‘'my sponsorship has already changed in Absher yet in the Qiwa still appears ‘Pending completing transfer in Absher by new employer' please help. Thank you

Once the sponsorship has changed in Absher that's all. The new company is your sponsor now. Forget about whatever you see in your Qiwa

I answered the same question for someone else.  Reproduced below:

That won't change until your Iqama version changes - check your digital iqama in Tawakkalna and see if the old one is still appearing or not.

The steps that happen:
1) After QIWA acceptance, sponsorship is transferred in Absher.  Muqeem Iqama print request is lodged
2) Insurance from old employer is cancelled and new insurance is uploaded (New Iqama cannot be printed without this step)
3) Upon acceptance of insurance by CCHI, Iqama version changes in Absher, new digital Iqama starts appearing in Tawakkalna.  Physical Iqama comes after this
4) QIWA is shown as completed

Thank you brother

Hai ,I am asking about my status regarding my new employer,I have accepted the request in qiwa,after few weeks it expired ..but my absher status changed by new employer it mean it is legal to transfer 100 percent?