No Contract in QIWA Platform

Hello everyone,

Base on my subject, can I transfer of file for resignation if I don't have an Employment Contract in QIWA or even in writing?

The last written contract I signed was way back in September 2019, it was a one (1) year contract extension of my original two (2) years contract.

Then in May 2021 my company replaced it in GOSI with a two years contract with a period of December 2019 to December 2021 (The months are actually wrong - I request for modification but they never did change it). The GOSI contract already expired last 2021.

Now even with multiple follow-ups they have not prepared me new contract in writing, in GOSI, or even in QIWA. My company keep on telling us that contract auto renew, that is in spite of my insistence that I need my contract in writing since I need it verified as part of my countries requirements.

I'm planning to resign or transfer, is it possible in my current situation? Can I do it without any financial or legal repercussion? I am already more than 5 years in my company, I heard from someone that after 4 years you can resign without any financial repercussion from the company. Is there a truth to that?

Additionally my company still have 3 months unpaid salary to me for the months of June-Aug 2021.

Hope anyone can help me. Thanks.

@gilZ bro what happen same situation can you contact me I need also assistance for this kin of situation..

@Keydi Keydi hello, please let me know, im also in same condition.

@Keydi Keydi hi same me no contract in my qiwa now because I cancelled the contract,but the new employer have khafeel