Good standing certificate from Saudi Council

Hi! Is there anyone here trying to obtain Good standing certificate from Saudi Council for Health Specialties thru Mumaris plus but unable to get since the license registration is expired already?
My license got expired 5 years ago (2014).

They are not responding to my emails and whenever I try to call them they will inform me that they will respond to the email that I have sent. I've been chasing them for 5 months now.

You can try calling their customer service.. 920019393..

I called them a number of times, they asked me to send an email. I sent multiple emails (Since January) but I have not received a single response from their end.

Did you get any solution I have same problem

No I haven't found the solution yet. I already asked someone to go to their office in Jeddah but the staffs there were all clueless. They are still directing me to send an email.

Yes, their system is already fixed.

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