The pet culture in Singapore

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Pets are an integral part of a lot of families. So much so that they would never consider moving abroad without them. Before doing so, it would be important to know the pet culture in Singapore just to make sure that their little “expets” feel welcomed in their new homes. Would you give our expats-to-be an insight of what it is like to have a pet in Singapore by answering the following questions?

What part do pets play in society in Singapore? Are they generally accepted in rentals and public spaces more generally?

Is it common for families to have pets?

What animal is the most often kept as pets? Are there some animals that cannot be kept as pets? Do some animals have specific significations when kept as pets?

How about the infrastructure needed to cater for pets? Can you find everything you need for your pet in terms of pet food, veterinary services, accessories, pet grooming etc...?

Do people generally spend a lot of money on their pets?

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Due to commonly small apartments, a lack of green, open spaces and other reasons, dogs and dog owners are rare in Singapore.
Cats are ubiquitous (and a pest) as strays, less so as pets.
There is a tradition of keeping songbirds and aquarium fishes among the Chinese part of the population, but other animals are uncommon - unless you count the innumerable mosquitos, ants, geckos and cockroaches who lived in your apartment long before you came and (despite all your efforts) will certainly prevail.
Before you decide on taking your pet with you from abroad, please consider that it would struggle far more than you with the change in temperature, and also that you‘d be severely limited in your choice of rental property (landlords generally dislike tenants with animals).

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