Not paying credit card bills and leaving SG

I worked in SG for 3 years and had 16k debt in one bank. I lost the job due to COVID and came back to India. Currently, I am jobless and have to pay 500SGD as a monthly installment. From this month, I cannot pay the debt since I have no income source. What if I am not paying the bills for few months (3-5)?  If I am not paying the total sum, will they come to India to issue a notice or am I get any police problems in India?
Please help me in this matter, I need help since no job, I couldn't make my payment on time.
Now I applied for US VISA and it is on hold bcz of the COVID issue in India. Is it a problem if I leave for the US without paying the amount?


Kr: You also sent the same to me as PM. We discourage doing that - posting a message here is sufficient and PMs are reserved for private messages.
To answer your question: Not paying your debt, like other examples of not doing what you promised (here: in the loan contract), is legally and morally questionable - and you can get into trouble for it. I hope you learn from this to never spend more than you have!
Unless you find a mutually agreeable solution with the bank (whom you should contact about this!), they will eventually sue you (and the fees and interest will multiple your debt). You will not be able to return to Singapore (even in transit) if this happens, unless you cooperate and fulfil their demands.
I do not know how the international judicial system works and whether such an issue would be pursued in India. You could ask this on the India forum.
There are probably better chances of pursuing it in a developed place like USA, so moving there hoping to escape justice won't work. I also doubt that you can get a USA visa if they know about this issue.

I am sorry for that, I am new to this forum and don't have any idea about it.

Thank you for your reply and as you said, I will pay the debt once I get the job before that, it is difficult for me to do so. The US doesn't have any issue with this since I paid properly so far but in the coming month, I have a problem in paying the sum. That's why I asking you guys.

Thank you again for your time.

Take a loan to pay off the credit card sum in monthly installments. it would at least clear your name from a foreign land. Once you get the job pay the loan parallelly.

Don't spend more than you can afford. Savings are important buddy.
Be Safe, this time will also pass.

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