How to get Final Exit Visa copy which issued without IQAMA

Dear All,

Hope this message finds you all in good health and spirit.
I have a problem here, I am finding a way to get my Final Exit Visa copy which been processed without IQAMA. I went to Saudi Arabia in 2018 on work permit and due to some unpredictable reasons my sponsor couldn't start the business and processed my Final Exit Visa by sending my passport to the JAWAZAT office before Visa expiry ( no IQAMA issued ) and I came on Exit with no issues. Now, I got an another offer where agent is asking for Final Exit paper to process the Visa. I tried getting it thru MOI but with no luck. Noticed that IQAMA NO as a mandatory field to get the copy.

Guys I need your help/suggestions in getting my final exit paper.


Hi, I am  expat and landed in KSA on employment Visa. I didn't formally join the employer, I didn't go for medical, no process for Iqama. So no Iqama issued.

What jawazat office can do for me?
I need final exit visa. I am asking employer that due to family situation I can't start work due to family readon and the way you are treating  me presently. But they are not cooperating got final exit. Please let me know can I exit on single entry employment Visa or I need to go for Iqama. Please help. Thanks

Hello Dear,
Hope you are doing well. I can understand your situation there its very common in initial days. It will take time to get used to the environment and culture and to their attitude. At this situation no one can help you except your employer. It is hard to tackle the situation but you are in Saudi Arabia, you have to face the situation.

Try to be cooperative with your employer and request them to process for an Iqama first and try to manage to work for few months ( by that time hopefully you will get used to it) if not get a single exit reentry visa ( if you do not have any future plans of coming back to KSA). This is the only option that I can suggest to you.

Try to make some friends, roam around the places, spend some good time over there, u don't believe time will pass just like that. I pray God to give you the strength to go through the situation. Stay strong.


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