step by step process from data flow up to the license registration.


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Who among of you have an idea in the step by step process from the data flow up to the license registration outside KSA? i am just confused, there are so many blogs on the internet about it, i don't know which one is the most updated and which one to follow. Thanks in advance.

i just finished uploading my documents on this site done the payment as well. now i do not know what is the next step.

you just have to wait on the completion of you dataflow then you will receive a eligibility number for your exam. Goodluck!

It's a little bit confusing because they're revising their process on getting scfhs license.
*before they don't have dataflow then revised
*before you have to take prometric exam first then dataflow (my year)
*now Dataflow first then exam.

*before also they're accepting newly grad nurses to take exams as well; now you need to have atleast 1 yr of experience from your origin country.

Hi Maranthony,

Thanks for your informative  response as always, upon receiving the eligibility no. what site should i login?i saw on the internet there is mumaris account and mumaris plus account. Thanks

and what to do next? professional classification, registration or prometric exam?

there is a different payment for professional classification, registration and prometric exam?


*before it's mumaris (my year)
*now you should register on mumaris plus

on mumaris plus fill-up all the necessary information and attached the necessary requirements. They will ask you to register and choose classification. The payment is included on those steps.

Once they verify you requirements they will give you again a eligibility number for prometric exam including the sites.

May i ask whats your position and which dept you will be departed?

Is it true that there is an additional procedure in Mumaris Plus? And therefore an additional fee?

[at]IamToni, which process are you talking about?

Process to register in mumaris plus for me to able to take prometric exam.

I think it depends. There will only be additional payment if you ask to verify a lot of documents. (ex If you have a more than 1 coe, prc license etc.)

I had it processed with our local review center. They said that Mumaris Plus added new procedure with an additonal fee of 10k. Further, type of exam now is not anymore qualified whether nurse technician or specialist.

I'm not sure on what additional fee they're talking about. Kindly check the mumaris plus website for FAQ. … fault.aspx

Thanks so much sir.

Did you ask them which particularly? It's my first time i heard about the additional fee.
Which hospital you will be working?

At prince sultan.

The one who processes my application for prometric exam says that mumaris plus has just added another procedure and it costs around 300USD.

Hi Maranthony,

i am applying as site nurse in oil rig, but there is also a possibility that i would be assigned in the Hospital ER dept.

That's better! Good luck. 😊


Yes, Different classification different price for exam also.
Nurse Specialist is much higher than technician. It's  for those nurses working in special area

See you all in riyadh once you're here. [at]iamtoni and jamesharden. Goodluck!

May I update you guys. With Mumaris Plus, there is no option for technical or specialist now. There is only one option to choose. You may check it out when you register. FYI

[at]maranthony see you around! 😊

Hi maranthony,

Thanks. i am still waiting for the result of my data flow, probably 2nd or 3rd week is the release date.

Hi Iamtony,

I havent seen the mumarisplus details yet. i will check once i have the data flow result. by the way, you have 3rd party processing your documents? how much is the service fee? Thanks

2nd or 3rd week of June

It was 16k until this mumaris plus apparently increased to 26k. :(


so basically the total payment for mumarisplus is just 10k? thanks


are you done with you data flow? how many days before you received the result? was it emailed to you? Thanks


I have no idea on the total amount. The initial payment i made was USD 200. It was confirmed by mumaris plus through their email.  After this, i have to pay again for the eligibility number. I will keep you posted.


I just made an account in mumaris plus, there is a different fee for classification and registration of profession, there is a different fee for technician and specialist as well. according to the blog ive read, after the classification, prometric exam schedule is the next step, that is another payment again i think. wow. very expensive.


Im sorry. Its 200 SAR... initial payment


HM did you pay for the data flow? mine is 1165 SAR.

My DF was filed and finished here in the Philippines. I paid the 3rd party Php 17k.

Right now I cannot transact payment with Mumaris Plus. Its Visa / Master card is disabled.


what is your hospital employer in KSA?

[at] jamesharden


iamtoni said there's no option to choose for classification. [at]jamesharden?


when i loggedin on the mumarisplus account. there is classification procedure wherein there is a different payment for nurse technician and specialist. technician is 600 SAR and Specialist is 1100 SAR. another payment during registration with the same amount. another thing is the payment for the prometric exam, i don't know how much yet.


Huh?! I wonder why there was no option for me. I have to check it out again. I paid an initial amount of 200 SAR. As of now my application is pending for review. A group in fb said the next payment would 900 SAR and last payment would be 239 USD.


Huh?! I wonder why there was no option for me. I have to check it out again. I paid an initial amount of 200 SAR. As of now my application is pending for review. A group in fb said the next payment would 900 SAR and last payment would be 239 USD.

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